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Built Environment, Information Systems and Learning Technology Research Centre

The purpose of this centre is to research aspects of Engineering, Information Systems, the Built Environment and Sustainability pertaining to people, process, management and education.

This includes both the management and planning of technology and projects and the impact of technology on people, societies and the environment.

Specific fields of interest include information systems for management, construction management, project management, technology mediated training and education, civil engineering, architecture and urban planning.

Built Environment and Civil Engineering Research Group

Led by: Dr Jamal Khatib

The group supports four main research activities as follows:

  • Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Surveying and Property
  • Built Environment Education and Training

Architecture and Urban Planning Research Group

Led by: Prof Sabah Mushatat

The current department research portfolio includes:

  • Improving the understanding and awareness of inclusive design and design for sustainability
  • Improving enterprise competitiveness through Lean New Product Development
  • Encouraging Student Enterprise through Design
  • Design Led Process Engineering/Management
  • The Use of Case Studies and Projects in Developing a New Design Process Model for Educating Product/Industrial Designers
  • Finite Element Analysis simulation of pressure vessels and pipe work systems
  • 4D Project Simulation within the Built Environment
  • Urban development using VR
  • Investigation into Design Pedagogy and E Learning

Information Systems and Security Research Group

The work of this group centres on two activities – IT adoption by SMEs and information security. The group has played a leading role in the definition and establishment of Warning Action and Reporting points (WARPs) both regionally and nationally. In the area of IT adoption, the work of the group has been central to regional initiatives promoting IT adoption.

Learning Lab Research Group

The Learning Lab is committed to working with emergent and innovative technologies to deliver, enhance and support learning. Specifically, the Learning Lab is committed to enriching and extending the experience and conception of learning with technology and committed to using technology to take learning to individuals and communities for whom it might be uninteresting, unfamiliar or inaccessible. The Learning Lab is now building on research and development across a range of sectors over the last five or six years and is keen to support and develop research in e-learning.