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Athena SWAN Events Diary and Monthly Updates

The links below provide information on pending and past events, and news updates on Athena SWAN activity. 

News and Events Diary 2017


Athena SWAN Event Schedule




Friday 7th July, 2017

(City 9am -3.30pm)

"ENCOURAGING -ENGAGING- ESTABLISHING -EXCELLING: Women into Property and Construction"

Event for staff and students, for more information and to register contact

Athena SWAN Women into Property and Construction (Word doc 36k)

Tuesday 16th May, 2017 (Walsall - 2pm)

Inaugural  Athena SWAN Annual Guest Speaker Lecture

Danielle Brown MBE

Double Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown MBE  presented the inaugural Athena SWAN external speaker lecture. Danielle discusssed her experiences of, and research into, equality and inclusion for women. 


Thursday 30th March, 2017

(City - 1.30pm)

Professor Tom Schuller, inaugural Professorial lecture

'The Paula Principle'

In 'The Paula Principle' Professor Schuller presented research exploring how and why women work below their level of competence.


Friday 10th March, 2017

Dr Ruth Pearce, University of Warwick

'Trans Feminism'

An Athena SWAN Intersectionality Group special guest seminar as part of International Women's Week.


Friday 10th March, 2017

Dr Chijioke Obasi

'Representing or Re-Presenting Deaf women: an Africanist Sista perspective on insider-outsider debates in research'

An Athena SWAN Intersectionality Group seminar as part of International Women's Week.


Thursday 9th March, 2017

Dr Maria Tsouroufli, Dr Shuba Suresh and Andrea Mondokova

'Being a woman/man and a migrant in Higher Education: Double exclusions?'

An Athena SWAN Intersectionality Group interactive debate as part of International Women's Week.


Thursday 9th March, 2017


Celebration of University of Wolverhampton's Female Professors - Lecture by Prof Nazira Karodia

Prof Nazira Karodia (FSE) delivered the inaugural annual lecture celebrating the University of Wolverhampton's Female Professors. The event  also included a cameo appearance by the University's first ever female professor, Prof Jean Gilkison.

Video of this lecture is now available to view here


Monday 6th March, 2017

Dr Ben Halligan

'Third Wave Feminism and Activism'

Seminar as part of International Women's Week.

31st January, 2017 at 5.30pm in Arena Theatre BME Staff Network's One World Film Festival, in association with Athena SWAN Intersectionality Group , present Elsie Gayle.

 Elsie Gayle, a nationally renowned expert in Midwifery discussed  her personal perspective on the unique challenges that Black Women face due to misogynoir. This session was followed by a screening of Girlhood, a BAFTA-winning French film about the lives of young black women in Paris. 


1st December, 2016 'Experiences of submitting for an Athena SWAN Departmental Award' - Prof Mary Nevill

Prof Mary Nevill (Nottingham Trent University) presented to an invited audience on her experiences leading a successful Athena SWAN Silver Departmental Award bid at Loughborough University, and on her continued role as Athena SWAN lead at NTU while also employed as a Head of Department.   

7th November, 2016 An exclusive Q & A evening with football coach Laura Harvey

Laura Harvey is a former UoW BA (Hons) Sports Studies student and has since coached Arsenal LFC and Birmingham City LFC. She is currently coach of Seattle Reign in the National Women's Soccer League in the USA. 

11th October, 2016 'Untangling Diversity, Intersectionality, amd Privilege' - Prof Mustafa Ozbilgin, Brunel University.  

A special guest lecture by Prof Ozbilgin to mark the formal launch of the University's Athena SWAN Intersectionality Working Group.See Athena SWAN Lecture Prof Ozbilgin Flyer (PDF 219K, Downloads file)

 14th April, 2016 'This Girl Will'

Day-long Institute of Sport event in association with Athena SWAN. Over 150 female secondary school students attended an event promoting careers and engagement in Sport. An Athena SWAN Keynote address was delivered by England Women's Rugby legend Maggie Alphonsi.

Link to - Athena SWAN video interview with Maggie Alphonsi


8th March, 2016 'Women in Higher Education'

Athena SWAN Panel Discussion for International Women's Day. Athena SWAN International Women's Day Discussion Panel 2016 (Word doc 159k). 

Link to - video excerpts from event

Link to - full video of event 


2nd March, 2016 'From here to where:Progressing your career in STEM areas'

Joint Athena SWAN and Association of Project Management workshop.

Programme - Athena SWAN/APM Progressing your Career in STEMM Workshop (Word doc 441k)

Link to - Video from event

16th December, 2014  Athena SWAN Re-Launch Event click Athena SWAN Launch Programme (Powerpoint 283k)


 Selected Event Reports

Danielle Brown Lecture at Walsall on 16th May, 2017

On Tuesday 16th May, 2017 we staged our inaugural Athena SWAN visiting speaker lecture, when we welcomed, double Paralympian Gold Medallist, Danielle Brown MBE to Walsall Campus (pictured below holding commemorative plate designed by Julia Rowley (Faculty of Art) and presented by Athena SWAN Champion for Sport, Dr Tracey Devonport).

Athena SWAN Danielle Brown lecture

Entitled 'What glass ceiling?', Danielle's lecture reflected upon her personal experience as a female Paralympian and business woman, alongside the findings of her own research into the experiences and outlook of successful women across a range of careers.

This was Danielle's first opportunity to discuss her research findings, and we are delighted that she chose to present them for feedback to an audience at University of Wolverhampton. This is testimony to the positive relationship that the University is building with Danielle, and a reflection of Danielle's support for our Athena SWAN work.

Report on Institute of Sport 'This Girl Will' event in Association with Athena SWAN - Thursday 14th April 2016 at Walsall Campus.

The Institute of Sport  'This Girl Will' event, running from 9.30am - 3pm, was held to promote female careers and engagement in Sport. The event was delivered by female staff, students, University sport scholars, as well as female representatives from organizations such as StreetGames. There were in excess of 150 female secondary school students (aged 13 - 18 years) in attendance. A keynote address by England Women's Rugby legend and sports commentator Maggie Alphonsi was arranged through and funded by the University Athena SWAN  initiative.    

Athena SWAN Maggie Alphonsi 1

Maggie speaking at 'This Girl Will'

Feedback from attendees at the event was overwhelmingly positive and Maggie was identified as an inspiration. Building up to, during and after the event, Maggies has offered her full support for the University's Athena SWAN activities, noting them as being vitally important in helping more females attain leadership positions within sport and exercise. As the first female commentator on men's rugby this is something that Maggie is well qualified to comment on! 

Athena SWAN Maggie Alphonsi and team

Maggie with Athena SWAN Champion for Sport, Tracey Devonport  and Steve Greenfield Athena SWAN Co-ordinator

Report on the Athena SWAN Panel Discussion for International Women's Day,'Women in Higher Education'-Tuesday 8th March, 2016 in the Chaplaincy, City Campus.


For International Women's Day an Athena SWAN discussion panel event was staged on the topic of 'Women in Higher Education. The panel comprised the University's Athena SWAN Director Karen Bill (as chair), Athena SWAN Departmental Champions Tracey Devonport and Subashini Suresh and HR Deputy Director Niamh Kelly.The event was fully subscribed to and was filmed for wider dissemination.    


Athena SWAN Discussion Panel 2016


An engaged audeince participated in a lively debate in which personal experience and opinions were freely shared. As a direct result of the discussion and Athena SWAN workgroup looking at Intersectionality is being established, under the leadership of Dr Maria Tsouroufli.

Athena SWAN Discussion - Steph 2016






Other News


Staff Athena SWAN Prize winners announced for the Best Gender Equality Idea for STEMM Subjects!

Congratulations to Sara Green (Planning) and Dr Lisa Orchard (FEHW) the joint winners of the Staff Competition for best idea on how to enhance gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) subjects at the University

The winning ideas were; to stage mini workshops to demonstrate and teach some of the basic principles within STEMM subjects; and increasing flexibility over the use of maternity 'keeping in touch' days and  part time contract hours to facilitate research. These ideas are now being developed in concert with Athena SWAN Champions and HR. It is anticipated that the development of these initiatives will benefit gender equality for all, as issues that face some women have cross-overs with some male staff, such as the impact of having caring duties or ensuring good work-life-balance.

Sara Green Athena SWAN Prize Dr Lisa Orchard Athena SWAN Prize
Athena SWAN Staff Prize winners Sara Green (left with Athena SWAN Director Karen Bill) Dr Lisa Orchard collect their Amazon voucher prizes 

University Athena SWAN Champion article 'Front page news' in The Sport and Exercise Scientist Journal

The Sport Institute's Athena SWAN Champion, Dr Tracey Devonport, is featured as the author of the lead article in the Winter  2015, edition of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences' (BASES) journal. Link to Tracey's article Athena SWAN Feature (PDF 2,769K, Downloads file), in which she provides an overview of important issues surrounding Athena SWAN. 










News Archive 2016 - 17

Collaborative Research during Maternity Leave

Congratulations to Wendy Nicholls for illustrating that maternity leave need not necessarily be an impediment to continuing to produce research outputs. While on maternity leave Wendy co-authored a paper with Tracey Devonport, entitled 'Systematic Review of the Association between Emotions and Eating Behaviour in Normal and Overweight Adult Populations', accepted for publication in the Journal of Health Psychology.

This achievement illustrates that research ambitions can be pursued by the exercise of care and sensitivity to individual circumstances and capacity to flexibly engage in research. Co-author Tracey Devonport was well-placed to ensure that such safeguards were in place. In addition to Tracey's commitment to supporting women in research careers as Athena SWAN Champion, she previously produced research outputs of her own while on maternity leave. Wendy and Tracey have each appreciated the opportunity and value of being able to pick and choose when to work on academic materials of their own volition to balance career ambitions and family commitments.


8th March, 2016 - Athena SWAN Panel Discussion 'Women in Higher Education' staged for International Women's Day

Fully subscribed event which encoraged and facilitated attendee participation. One of the outcomes of the event was the formation of an Athena SWAN Intersectionality Working Group. This event was filmed.

2nd March, 2016 - 'From here to where: Progressing your career in STEM areas' workshop.

Joint Athena SWAN and Association of Project Management workshop staged at City Campus.   

19th February, 2016 - Second Athena SWAN Writing Away Day held.

News Archive 2015 part two

December 2015 - Athena SWAN Student Prize offered for the Best Gender Equality Idea for STEMM Subjects!

Students were offered a chance to contribute  ideas on how to enhance gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) subjects at the University.

Suggestions were invited via student University e-mail accounts to the University’s general Athena SWAN e-mail address ( ) by Thursday 31st December, 2015.

Three individuals provided suggestions which were gratefully received and a prize of amazon vouchers worth £50 will be awarded for the best idea that goes forward for implementation.

October 2015 -Staff Athena SWAN Prize offered for the Best Gender Equality Idea for STEMM Subjects!

Staff Competition to contribute  ideas on how to enhance gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) subjects at the University with the deadline for entry of Friday 30th October, 2015.

Ten individuals provided suggestions. All contributions were gratefully received and a prize of amazon vouchers worth £50 will be awarded for the best idea that goes forward for implementation

2nd October,2015 - First Athena SWAN Writing Away Day scheduled at Telford Campus.

Departmental Champions, HR and data analysts  joined the Athena SWAN Director and Project Co-Ordinator to commence the process of writing-up the institutional Bronze Award resubmission and Silver Departmental Award bids.

4th September, 2015 –An Athena SWAN–related Media Training session was held. Subsequent meetings are being scheduled between individual attendees and the Press Office to identify opportunities to develop a media profile.

News Archive 2015 part one


7th August, 2015 – Final deadline for completion of the Athena SWAN Staff Survey of staff in departments planning Silver Award submissions.

The survey was completed by 38% of potential respondents. This is above the 30% completion rate validated by UK Resource Centre for Women/Women in Science and Engineering (UKRC WISE) who provided the template on which the survey was based  The survey focused on four areas; Participation and Promotion Practices; Workplace Culture; Leadership and Management; and, Institutional Reputation and Social Responsibility

July, 2015 - The University’s Athena SWAN Executive Steering Group determined that the reaccreditation of the Bronze Award should proceed using the pre-May 2015 application forms.

The Steering Group also approved the outline proposal for an Athena SWAN–related PhD Bursary. A provisional supervisory team was identified to develop the proposal toward advertising and appointing to the position.

June, 2015 - Filming of Athena SWAN 'talking-head' videos took place. The videos are included on the website and are to be collectively used to create a montage for broadcast at promotional events.

May, 2015 - Athena SWAN Online Staff Survey:- Staff in the four departments targeted for Silver Award submissions were invited to complete an online staff survey.

The survey focused on four areas that impact significantly on gender equality:

• participation and promotion practices

• workplace culture

• leadership and management commitment

• institutional reputation and social responsibility

This survey was adapted from the UKRC HE STEM Gender Equality Culture Survey and our acknowledgments also go to the Universities of Sheffield and Lancaster.

Athena SWAN Charter Changes:-  A revised Athena SWAN Charter was introduced at the start of May 2015 for new submissions. The new Charter is expanded in scope to encompass professional and support roles, and students in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law (AHSSBL) in addition to STEMM. It has also been broadened to account for gender equality differences between women, and other gender groups, ie to cover trans staff and to take into account contributory factors such as race. 

The Charter continues to focus on representation, progression of students into academia, progress through career milestones and the working environment for all staff.

April, 2015 -In April 2015 the inaugural meetings were held of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) and Faculty of Health and Well-being (FEHW) Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams (ASSATs). Each Faculty ASSAT is primarily focused on steering the progress of the Faculty departments that are aiming at gaining Athena SWAN Silver Departmental accreditation.

The enthusiasm and engagement of Faculty ASSAT members was encouraging to see. The initial meetings restated the Athena SWAN principles and related these to the departments, identified initial issues and reviewed ASSAT membership.

March, 2015 -In March 2015 Stephen Greenfield started work in the new post of Athena SWAN Project Co-ordinator. Stephen has over 10 years of experience in research related roles with the University. He is also currently combining work with part time doctoral studies and bringing up a young family. 

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