FEHW Departments Working Toward Athena SWAN Award Status

Psychology and Sport

The University of Wolverhampton is currently targeting Athena SWAN departmental awards in two institutes within Faculty of Education, Health and Well-being (FEHW) . The Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Sport will be trailblazers for the Faculty with other departments expected to follow.

A Champion in each department has been  leading  work toward submitting for Athena SWAN Bronze Departmental Awards. This involves consulting on, formulating and overseeing the implementation of initiatives for their subject area. Champions are joined by colleagues from their own department in forming a joint Faculty Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (ASSAT) to drive this process. The Faculty ASSAT meets regularly and is alternately chaired by each Departmental Champion.

Meet the Faculty of Education, Health and Well-being Champions

 Champion for the Institute of Psychology


Debbie Stevens Gill succeeded Fabio Tartarini and Prof Coral Dando, her predecessors as Athena SWAN Psychology Champion, in 2017. Debbie provides a personal introduction and biography below:-


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'I am a Chartered Psychologist, a Registered Occupational Psychologist, and a Senior Lecturer in Psychology specialising in Occupational Psychology. I have led the British Psychology Society (BPS) accredited MSc Occupational Psychology since 2010. My specialist area is Occupational Stress and I am currently working towards a PhD in 'Work-Family Conflict; Stress and Emotions in Expectant and New Mothers.'

As University of Wolverhampton Athena SWAN Champion for the Institute of Psychology I am leading on initiatives related to gender equality in Psychology, using my skills and expertise as an occupational psychologist to continue the work of the previous Champions.

My role as Champion involves working with colleagues and Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams. Our mission is to make Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton a leading example of equality, to value diversity and the contribution that each member of our team and student body can make, to provide opportunities for students and staff, and to gain external recognition for creating this climate of opportunity. Athena SWAN provides a vehicle to inform, direct, benchmark and validate our progress through our ambition to submit for an Athena SWAN Award'.

Athena SWAN - Debbie Stevens Gill

 Contact Debbie:  Phone:- 01902 32 1329   E:mail:- d.stevens-gill@wlv.ac.uk

 Champion for the Institute of Sport and Physical Activity

Dr Tracey Devonport, Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology, is Athena SWAN Champion for the Institute of Sport and Physical Activity . Tracey has published in excess of 45 articles on stress, coping and emotion regulation, many being produced whilst adjusting to the demands of being a new mum. Her resultant experiences of managing research and family are of value in developing practical initiatives aligned to the principles of Athena SWAN.

Athena SWAN Video- Dr Tracey Devonport

Contact Tracey:  Phone:- 01902 32 3113     E:mail:- T.Devonport@wlv.ac.uk

FEHW Faculty Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team Members


Helen Keane

Outreach for Sport


Dr Ian Lahart

Sport  and Physical Activity Representative


Kerry Matthews

Technical Staff Representative


Sharon McIntosh Dalmedo

Post Graduate Student Representative


Dr Tina Smith

Shadow Champion for Sport and Physical Activity


Renee Williams

Sport Undergraduate Student Representative


Dr Darren Chadwick

Reader in Psychology


Dr Josephine Chen-Wilson 

Senior Lecturer in Psychology (PT)


Debbie Stevens Gill

Champion for Psychology


Dr Wendy Nicholls

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


David Ormerod

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


Karen Bill

Athena SWAN Project Director


Teresa Graham 

 Assistant Faculty Registrar


Stephen Greenfield 

Athena SWAN Project Co-ordinator 


Andrea Mondokova

Athena SWAN PhD Bursary Student


Dr Fiona Morgan 

 Senior Lecturer in Social Work


Gea Perkins

Data Administrator


Dr Maria Tsouroufli


Reader in Education



Sally Anne Silvester

HR Representative


Paul Williams

HR representative 



Prof Cathy Craig 

External Advisor - Queens University Belfast 

FEHW Faculty Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team meeting schedule

FEHW Faculty ASSAT meeting schedule

Date Time Room
Wednesday 8th April, 2015 12 noon - 2pm WN012
Tuesday 21st July, 2015 10am - 12 noon MD165
Wednesday 9th September, 2015 1pm - 3pm MD165
Tuesday 8th December,2015 12 noon -1.30pm WN010
Thursday 11th February, 2016 10am - 12 noon MD165
Thursday 28th April, 2016 12 noon - 1.30pm WN012
Thursday 16th June, 2016 12.30pm - 2pm MD165
Wednesday 15th March, 2017 9am - 11am WN010
Wednesday 7th June, 2017 10am - 12 noon MD165
Wednesday 6th September, 2017    

Dr Tracey Devonport on Career Opportunities in STEMM subjects

The University of Wolverhampton is keen to encourage more women to consider studying with us towards launching a career in the sciences. Dr Tracey Devonport speaks about how rewarding a career can be in one of the STEMM subjects. Athena SWAN Video Tracey Devonport 2‌‌