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Athena SWAN Related External Links

External Contacts and Resources

See below for links to external organisations and resources related to the careers of women in STEMM subjects.

Links to External Organisations

Click on the organisation title below to open their website   

* Athena SWAN (National)

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) administers the Athena SWAN webpages which provide comprehensive guidance on Athena SWAN awards.

* Women into Science and Engineering (WISE)

WISE aims to inspire girls and women to study and build careers in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM). It advises organisations on creating a working environment conducive to supporting women.  

* HeForShe

The United Nation’s HeForShe campaign is forging a solidarity movement for gender equality.

* European Platform for Women Scientists (EPWS)

EPWS works to promote equal opportunities in the research fields of all scientific disciplines and aims to give women scientists a voice in European research policy.

* Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WiSET)

WiSET aims to widen the participation of under-represented groups in science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) and the built environment.

* ScienceGrrl

ScienceGrrl is a broad-based, grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science


This Girl Can

A national campaign developed by Sport England to encourage women to participate in sport.

* Daphne Jackson Trust

The UK's leading organisation dedicated to realising the potential of scientists and engineers returning to research following a career break

Links to Resources

This page will be regularly updated with links to resources related to the careers of women in STEMM subjects. Please contact the Athena SWAN Project Co-ordinator ( stephengreenfield@wlv.ac.uk ) if you would like to suggest additional content.

*New* Re-draw the Balance

A thought-provoking video from 'Inspiring the Future' on combating gender stereotypes.

*New*   Big Think:- 'Why Fewer Women Succeed at the Higher Levels of Science - From a Woman Who Did' - Prof Joy Hirsch

Big Think is a knowledge forum that invites contributions from experts in specialist fields on the most important issues in their field.

*New*  ReducingStereotypeThreat.org

A website run by US professors in Psychology that looks at the many facets of the effects of stereotype on ambitions and achievements.

Mentor SET

A mentoring scheme for members of the Women's Engineering Society.


'The mailing list for an about women in science, engineering and technology, including women returning to paid work after a career break'.


Mothers in Science

A publication by the Royal Society that provides examples of women who have combined their career and family commitments.

Women scientists in psychology – time for action

Paper on the British Psychological Society website.

"A Chemical Imbalance"

A webpage providing information on and access to "A Chemical Imbalance", a short book and documentary film which together celebrate female scientists and look at why women are still so under-represented in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) subjects.

The study is based on the experience of University of Edinburgh whose School of Chemistry received an Athena SWAN Gold Award in 2012 in recognition of its significant and sustained progression in promoting diversity and gender equality. "A Chemical Imbalance" speaks to those involved and looks at what can be learnt from what they have achieved. 

‘Women Scientists on Sexism in Science’

BBC radio programme first on 18.6.15  as part of the Radio Four series Inside Science.

Following comments from Tim Hunt about women in laboratories, presenter Adam Rutherford was joined by five female researchers at differing stages of their scientific career to explore whether the culture of science - from school, through university and into the lab - is rigged against women getting grants, staying in the world of research and getting promotion. Do the pressures on scientists to publish many papers militate against women getting to the top of the profession? Is there unconscious bias against women making it in science?

'Improving Equality in the Research Environment' - #vitaehangout

Vitaehangout page for 26 March,2015 forum to discuss equality and diversity in research.

 Aurora Programme - Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

Aurora is for women up to senior lecturer level or professional services equivalent working in a university, college or related organisation who would like to develop and explore issues relating to leadership roles and responsibilities. Participants should have the endorsement of their institution and be committed to developing and enhancing their career. Potential applicants are advised to contact SDU sdu@wlv.ac.uk in the first instance.

 'Female surgeons: cutting the gender gap'

An ESRC report on a research project they funded at Exeter University.

 Women’s work: Dorothy Hodgkin and the culture and craft of X-ray crystallography

Audio and slides of Georgina Ferry's 2014 Royal Society lecture on Dorothy Hodgkin.

'Georgina Ferry ... explore(s) the social circumstances under which Hodgkin conducted her work on penicillin, vitamin B12 and insulin, and will look at the practical and theoretical skills she needed to achieve her results. Did she find an unusually supportive environment in the field, and to what extent did her gender have anything to do with her success?'