Wolves Photofest 2017 - Yasmin Qureshi

12/07/2017  -  3.49

Yasmin Qureshi

Yasmin Qureshi is a third year Photography (BA) Hons student who is graduating in September.  She is opening an online shop on 22nd July, with 10% off selected prints.

The launch of the second Wolves PhotoFest took place yesterday at the Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton and it was even better than last year. This year's theme was to celebrate all the positive things about Wolverhampton despite all the negatives that have been said about the city, including that it's 'miserable' and 'uncultured'. 

The aim was to get photographers to create and display work about things they feel represent Wolverhampton in a good light. In response to this, the photos I submitted were of my shoots with Sarah Stokes and Sarah Ellen Designs because I felt that the creative community in and around Wolverhampton deserves to be recognised! I started shooting with this community in 2016 and have enjoyed meeting these women to share their story on my blog. 

Apart from the shoots I did with the creatives, the Level 6 students at the University of Wolverhampton were set a 10 week Instagram challenge to take a photo each week in response to a new quote. These photos was also displayed around the venue, as well as being printed in the newspaper shown above, which Sarah Zacharek created especially for the PhotoFest.

With so many artists together under one roof, the photographers, dancers and bands who performed on the night, it's safe to say Wolverhampton isn't as 'miserable' or 'uncultured' as some say! 

Andy admiring the photography in the Culture section, including mine!

One of the prints of the Instagram challenge, showing work from final year graduates. My photo is the map in the top left.

Bangford performing