An A-Z of Open Days

We want you to feel you've made the most of your day when you come and visit us at an Open Day - so here's our A-Z run-down of what you can expect, to help ensure things go smoothly.

A is for... Arts

If you're passionate about the ARTS, you're coming to the right place. At City Campus you can get the low-down on all the subjects offered by Wolverhampton School of Art in the George Wallis Building. If it's Performing Arts that get your pulse racing, head to Walsall Campus to explore all things dance, music and drama.

Get creative!

B is for... Business

At the University of Wolverhampton, we mean BUSINESS. And if it's a business degree you're after, join us at City Campus where you'll be able to see the impressive Lord Swraj Paul building, home to the Business School. Get all the insight and information you need from our academic experts in areas including business, finance, marketing, and more!

You could be your own boss

C is for... Campus     Choice

To make the most of your day, head to the CAMPUS where the main subject you're interested in is taught. If you're not sure which that is, check against the course listing in our current prospectus! If you're not sure what you want to study, don't worry, we offer plenty of CHOICE, and if your choices are at more than one site, use our shuttle bus to get between campuses for free.

Hop onto the campus bus if needed!

D is for... Degree

At Wolverhampton, we're proud of the DEGREE choices we offer. Whoever you are, you'll find we have a wide range of subjects and pathways to achieve your ambitions. Come and talk to us and find out more about what we can offer, whether integrated foundation year courses, bachelor's degrees, integrated Master's degrees, HNDs, apprenticeships...

E is for... Excited     Early bird     Education     Engineering    English

We hope that you're EXCITED about setting foot on campus. And if you're an EARLY BIRD, you can plan your day before you arrive by checking out the programme when it's available online before the event. If you're interested in a career in EDUCATION, make sure you head to our Walsall Campus, or if it's ENGINEERING that ignites your interest, head straight to our Telford Campus to make the most of your day. For all things ENGLISH, from creative writing to linguistics, head to City Campus Wolverhampton. 

Are you an early bird?

F is for... Future     Friends

Take your first step in writing your FUTURE at the University of Wolverhampton. Broaden your horizons, join a society, learn a new skill, and say hello to the new you! You'll find out we offer loads of ways to help you make new FRIENDS - sometimes it can be as simple as smiling at the person sitting next to you in the lecture theatre. So why not make a start at Open Day? It might mean you find a familiar face on the first day of your course.

Grab a drink with your new friends

G is for... Gyms

If keeping fit is on your agenda, head to the GYMS at City Campus and Walsall Sports Centre. It's only the start of what's on offer, whether you're new to sport and want to play for fun; interested in competing professionally; or want to pursue a career in the arena. We offer gyms, specialist facilities, competitive sports, scholarships, and a wide social sports programme - so there's something for everyone!

Row, row, row your boat...

H is for... Health   Healthcare

Your HEALTH and wellbeing is important to us, and at Open Days, you can find out how our award-winning STUDENT SUPPORT AND WELLBEING team can help you find everything you need to keep body and mind HEALTHY. We offer tailored support to current and prospective students with a disability or with sensory, physical or specific learning difficulties.

If you're looking for a career in HEALTHCARE, including: nursing, midwifery, paramedic science, physiotherapy, podiatry and occupational therapy, then head to our Walsall Campus for all the information on our courses. You can also study adult nursing, learning disablity nursing, and paramedic science at Telford Campus.

If it's healthcare science, health studies, or public health that's got your brain buzzing, head to City Campus Wolverhampton to speak to our course team.

We offer comprehensive support

I is for... International

If you crave an INTERNATIONAL experience or career, find out more about studying abroad and international placements throughout Europe, the USA and Asia from our Careers, Enterprise and the Workplace teams. Alternatively, if you need to brush up on your English language skills, visit our INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY team.

The world's your oyster

J is for... #JOINTHEPACK     Job shop

JOINTHEPACK to join in with the conversation on social media - share your Open Day story with us! Head to the University's JOBSHOP to discover the opportunities to help you earn some extra money during your studies including part-time jobs, on-campus work and CV-enhancing work experience. Our careers advisors can help you to investigate your career options, support career planning and develop important skills, as well as provide practical support at all stages of job applications.

Come on... #JOINTHEPACK!

K is for... Knowledge

KNOWLEDGE is Power, and that's why you're thinking about coming to university, isn't it? At Open Day you'll discover the ways we'll support you in gaining the specific knowledge and skills to equip you for a successful career. And it's not just in lectures - spend some time in our libraries and you'll find there's a whole heap of services and help on offer to help you be the best you can be.

Got any books on dandelions?

L is for... Lecturers     Law     LLB

Open Days are the perfect way to meet your potential LECTURERS and hear from them why they're so passionate about the subjects they teach. If you're curious about LAW, take a look around our mock law court, and find out if it's the qualifying law degree LLB you want, or to add more general knowledge to your degree with a joint Law option.

Get some practice in the mock law court 

M is for... Mmmmmmm!

M is for MMMMMMMMM! While you're on campus, there's no doubt you'll be in need of refreshment. At an Open Day you'll be able to get an idea of the options available to you on-campus to fill your belly and fuel your studies, with selected food outlets open throughout the day, such as Starbucks on City Campus, or the Boulevard Kitchen at Walsall. And if you're lucky, there might even be a seasonal treat waiting for you on Open Days.

Why not grab a coffee to keep you going?

N is for... Nursing

NURSES make up one of our biggest cohort of graduates each year - and it's easy to see why. For Children's, or Learning Disability Nursing, head straight to our Walsall Campus. If it's Mental Health Nursing that you're interested in, speak to our team at City Campus. Or if you're after information on the most general route of Adult Nursing, you'll find we've got representatives at City, Walsall and Telford campuses ready to answer all your questions!

Celebrating graduation - our nurses can be justifiably proud!

O is for... Open Day!

There's something different on offer at every OPEN DAY - you might have an ice-cream in the sunshine, or toast a marshmallow on a cold day - but you'll always find great advice and welcoming smiles, whatever the weather. So if you didn't fit everything in (or perhaps got up later than planned), check other forthcoming dates, and come for a return visit!

Get toasting!

P is for... Placements   Paramedic Science    Physiotherapy

Did you know that you can study many of our degrees with a sandwich PLACEMENT? Even if a full year in industry isn't for you, have a chat with our Careers, Enterprise and The Workplace teams to explore other placement opportunities, whether as work experience, in industry, during the summer, or internationally. If you're interested in a career with hands-on healthcare, head to Walsall Campus for information on our courses in PARAMEDIC SCIENCE and PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Getting industry experience can make a real difference

Q is for… Questions

Open Days give you the perfect chance to get answers to all your QUESTIONS! Bring them with you, or, if you get home and suddenly realise you forgot to ask something, email us at: or get in touch on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

 Got any questions?

R is for… Racing          Religion        Religious Studies

If engineering is what sets your heart RACING, then head to Telford Campus to discover the amazing facilities on offer supporting our engineering students, including those working on Morgan and F3 racecars as part of their degrees.

If you're looking for RELIGIOUS guidance, you'll find plenty of student-run societies as well as support from our Chaplaincy team, which combine with dedicated prayer facilities available on all campuses. Or if it's PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION and ETHICS that you're interested in studying, head to City Campus Wolverhampton to speak to our experts.

Do these motors set your pulse racing? 

S is for… Sport     Science     Students' Union     Societies     Support

If you're looking to get some SPORT into your day, we offer training, classes and top-notch facilities to enable everyone, regardless of ability and interest, to fit some exercise into their life, for little or no cost.

If SCIENCE is what gets your Bunsen burning, join us at City Campus to explore the range of the range of biological, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences we have to offer.

And make sure you check out the STUDENTS' UNION to discover the SOCIETIES, help, SUPPORT and SOCIAL activities on offer to help you meet your new best friends.

The ball's in your court to make new friends 

T is for… Tours

Open Days are a great way of getting a look at the facilities that are on offer to support your studies on one of our TOURS. There are many subject-specific talks and tours, which you'll find in the programme; campus tours, where a current student will show you round and give you their own opinions of life as a WLV student; or why not check out the student accommodation on offer from the University on an accommodation tour? Get those questions ready!

U is for… Uniformed Services

If you're called to a career in UNIFORM, did you know we offer a range of degrees in the UNIFORMED SERVICES? If you're interested in the Armed Forces, Fire and Rescue, or Policing, come and talk to us at City Campus. Or if it's Paramedic Science that you're interested in, head straight to Walsall Campus to find out more.

Becoming a paramedic 

V is for… Volunteeering

As a student, your focus will obviously be on your studies and career ambitions. But you shouldn't miss out on all the other life (and CV) enhancing opportunities open to you. At Open Day you can find out about the wide range of VOLUNTEERING placements open to you. From small, local charities to large international concerns, there are hundreds of openings for talented, generous individuals like you!

We need volunteers just like you! 

W is for… Welcome     Weather     Welcome talk     Well@Wolves

You're guaranteed to get a great WELCOME at our Open Days, whatever the WEATHER! For a great overview of everything that makes us tick, head to the WELCOME TALK when you arrive. Make sure you also pop to the SU to find out more about their WELL@WOLVES programme: tailored to students' needs, including stress-busting craft days and furry-friend visitors; contraception and sexual health advice; gym and running buddies; and art and mindfulness sessions.


X is for…X?

X marks the spot - right? Join us at Wolverhampton and make it your space, your home, the place you call your own. Whichever campus you study at (or even if you're not based on a campus at all!) you'll find a community you can be part of. There are loads of events on and around campus, as well as in the area to get involved in, whatever your interests.

Discover our campuses:

City Campus, food, fitness and fun
Walsall Campus, food, fitness and fun
Telford Campus, food, fitness and fun

Y is for… You!

YOU! Open Days are all about you and your future and your choices... So if you're feeling self-conscious, don't worry. There are no silly questions! Let us put your mind at ease. This is one day where you can be self-centred, because you're making a big decision about YOU! So whatever we can help you with, just ask.

Who? Me? Yes! You! 

Z is for… Zzzzzzz!

Zzzzzz! A good night's sleep the night before Open Day will help make sure you don't miss a thing and make the most of your day... equally, we've no doubt after you've come to our Open Day, you'll be feeling like a weight's been lifted from your shoulders, so with your mind less troubled, you should have no problems drifting off when bedtime rolls around... sweet dreams!

Sometimes we all feel dog tired