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Students discuss type in career talk

Students discuss type in career talk

Inspirational designer and type champion, Sarah Hyndman, visited the University of Wolverhampton School of Art recently to speak to students about careers in graphic design.

Sarah runs a successful business, Type Tasting, which explores the psychology of typography – one of the fundamental building blocks of design.  She has worked with the BBC and Heston Blumenthal as well as delivering workshops, talks and events. She has also written two books and created a new type dating card game called ‘What’s Your Type?’

Sarah said:  “Type is woven into the rituals of our everyday lives.  Everything we do is wrapped up with typefaces and I fell in love quickly with the expressive nature of it.  As potentially emerging graphic designers, students should be aware that their choice of type when they are creating can effect powerful emotional reactions that can affect how a consumer makes a choice when they are buying products.”

Sean Haywood, Graphic Design first year degree student, said:  “The talk was really interesting, especially the way Sarah involved typography with daily experiences.  I was looking specifically at how this could help with my future career, but it gave me so much more as well as tips on how to enter design competitions.”

The talk, which took place during the University’s Career Development Week, was delivered to students studying Graphic Design and Visual Communications degrees and covered a range of topics including a discussion around the typeface of the new logo for the international fashion chain, Zara.

Sarah said:  “I had such a great day talking to all the students and I’m sure that the subject matter has provided food for thought for students as they start to develop ideas about their own career paths.”

Anyone interested in studying Graphic Design or Visual Communications at the Wolverhampton School of Art should register for the next Open Day on Saturday 15th June 2019.


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