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A new Cyberpsychology degree to explore human interaction with the internet and emerging technologies is being launched by the University of Wolverhampton.

The MSc in Cyberpsychology has been developed to meet the needs of government and industry to understand the psychological ramifications of cyberspace.

The course is one of only three programmes of its type globally and will benefit anyone wishing to pursue a career in industries such as gaming, social media, virtual reality, research and cybersecurity.

Dr Chris Fullwood, Reader in Cyberpsychology, said: “We have developed an MSc in Cyberpsychology as we live in an age where our professional and personal lives are increasingly mediated by technology. The internet is ubiquitous and many of our day to day activities, for example banking, shopping, connecting with friends and family, now occur in cyberspace.  

“Recent news stories about the influence of social media and ‘fake news’ on the US presidential election and the cyber-attacks on the NHS serve as good examples to highlight why many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the societal and personal impacts of living in an Information Age.

“One cannot pick up a newspaper these days without reading about the pitfalls and dangers of the Internet and psychologists have recently begun to explore various psychological phenomena associated with living a digital existence.

“Questions that cyberpsychologists on the course will consider include: does being online make us behave more anti-socially; does living in a technological age open us up to becoming victims of cybercrime; does spending increasingly longer periods of time online influence the educational and personal development of young people, and does spending too much time immersed in technology mean that we develop addictions to them?”

Applications are currently being accepted for places on the MSc, which will be taught by leading academics working on the cutting edge of this discipline and is supported by the University of Wolverhampton’s Cyberpsychology Research Group (

The programme includes modules on an Introduction to Cyberpsychology, Applied Cyberpsychology, The Psychology of Cybercrime, The Psychology of Everyday Technology and Conducting and Interpreting Research.

Students will also complete a research dissertation in an area of specific interest to them. Recent investment of over £10 million by the University of Wolverhampton in new technology and improving its digital infrastructure means that students will be provided with an exceptional learning environment and an opportunity to work with some of the latest emerging technologies, including Virtual Reality, gaming devices and eye tracking equipment.

As a multi-disciplinary subject, studying Cyberpsychology is ideally suited to anyone wishing to pursue a career in a variety of industries, including  gaming, social media, virtual reality, research and cybersecurity. It is also well suited for those who wish to develop professionally to support their work in an existing area (e.g. in the IT sector, marketing, healthcare or education).

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Date Issued: Tuesday, 06 June 2017

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