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University to launch new MA in WW2 Studies


The University of Wolverhampton is introducing a new course into its already impressive War related portfolio, with the addition of the “MA in Second World War Studies: Conflict, Societies, Holocaust”.

The course, which will be taught at the University’s City Campus, is set to launch October of this year and is part of the school of Social, Historical and Political Studies.

Students will study part-time for two years, with learning and teaching taking place through a mixture of lectures and seminars; benefiting from additional lectures held by external colleagues who are known for their international reputation.

Students will study in-depth some of the key issues in the military, political, and social history of the Second World War, such as strategy, diplomacy and politics of Axis and Allied forces.

World War Two

As well as this, particular attention will be paid to the war in the East, including life under German occupation and the fate of societies under the conditions of total war.

Modules taught will include:

• The Ostfront and German Occupation Policy in Eastern Europe

• Societies and Total War

• The Air War

The courses’ main aim is to enable students to be able to confidently demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the nature of conflict in the age of industrial war.

Johannes-Dieter Steinert, Professor of Modern European History and Migration Studies at the University of Wolverhampton said: “I am excited to teach my favourite areas of research on postgraduate level: German occupation policy, societies at war, and – last but not least – the Holocaust.

“The Second World War and the Holocaust attracts more interest than any other event in history and it is an integral part of school and higher education curriculum.”

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For more information please contact the Media Relations Office on 01902 322003/322736

Date Issued: Friday 15th April 2016

For more information please contact the Media Relations Office on 01902 32 2736 or 01902 518647.

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