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Construction industry leaders praise “essential” new course


Professor Ian Oakes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and External Engagement‌The degree level course, entitled BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering, is an employer-sponsored degree developed with the industry for the benefit of both employers and employees alike.

The course will give businesses within the sector the chance to up-skill their workforce, giving their employees a career-enhancing qualification in an area designed to address specific skills demanded by the company.

The course, which launched recently, has been lauded by former graduates of the University, who have gone on to become leading members of the Black Country construction industry.

Shaun Aldis, who is director of property services for Wolverhampton Homes, and who completed a BA in Business Studies at the University in 1989, said

He said: “Since I was at the University, I have seen it build and build on relationships with local industry and the introduction of this course is an essential step in that process.

“The things I learnt on my course, the statistical analysis, taking the lead on a project, going the extra mile – a course like this helps you become a more balanced person as well as giving you the skillset need for a career in the industry.”

Richard Baker, regional director of Walsall-based Bullock Construction, and who completed a construction degree from the University in 1986, said: “These courses give an employer the confidence that an individual not only has the educational acumen, but also, with the practical side to the course, the experience.

“We’re not looking for academics, we’re looking for people and that’s what the BEng is all about.”

Professor Ian Oakes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and External Engagement, said: “We are now entering a new era of manufacturing driven by technological change. 

“The winners will be those companies that show adaptability and flexibility to change as well as the ability to attract, retain and develop the talent required for this new era. 

“They will require highly skilled people with deep technical specialisms combined with commercial problem solving ability. This new 2-year degree course has been developed by industry specialists and specifically designed to develop the next generation of engineers who will be capable of exploiting such exciting opportunities.  

“The innovative format and flexible delivery mode allows learning to be fully integrated with the students' working patterns causing minimal disruption to the employers.”


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Date Issued: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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