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Married Couple Graduate Together


Ian and Karen Johnson, from Wolverhampton will graduate together at the Grand Theatre on 16 April 2014.

Karen Johnson, 54, studied PGCert in Education along with her husband Ian, who studied a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies.

Ian, 55, is currently a volunteer at Moseley Old Hall and Blists Hill Museum, gaining valuable experience whilst applying to jobs in relation to his degree. 

Karen works as an Academic Support Worker, in the Student Enabling Centre, at the University of Wolverhampton.

Battling with Breast Cancer, Karen dedicated herself to her studies to get the Postgraduate degree she had always wanted since studying her Bachelor’s degree in 1982.

Karen said: “You never know what is around the corner, going to university offers so much more than just studying and spending time with young people is good for everyone.”

“I thought it would be a bit daunting for us being mature students, but it actually turned out to be quite the opposite.

“Unlike the younger students, I was able to refer back to previous employment experiences, which again was a huge advantage; it allowed me plenty of scope to explore theory into practice.

We both found that Post Graduate study attracts a wide range of ages and experiences, I’m so glad we finally did it and we can both move onto the next stages of our careers.”

Karen will continue to work for the University, and hopes to achieve her dream as a tutor in education

Ian continues to embrace history with a search for a career in a local Museum.  

The couple have a 24 year old daughter, who will also study at the University of Wolverhampton for a BNurs Nursing Degree in September 2014.


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Date issued on: 11 April 2014

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