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Happy 1st Birthday to the STaR team!


In April 2013, the University of Wolverhampton created The Student Transnational and Research Office – The ‘STaR team’.

The STaR team have built solid relationships with all faculties, departments and TNE partners.  The team have met the challenges and requirements placed by Transnational, Distance Learning and Research students compared to traditional UK undergraduate students.

The University have over 250 PhD students and with an increasing role of Professional Doctorate students, making the research department a busy and growing area.

Manager of the STaR office, Phil Whittingham, said, “When I was asked to start up the office, we were referred to as the non-standard Student Office and I didn’t know who my team would involve.

“I was very lucky to get some high calibre candidates to choose from and I am very happy with my team.

The office name came from an acronym of some of the areas we cover, but also to reflect on the globalisation of the work and that we are also dealing with the University’s elite research students – the ‘stars.’”

Members of the team work across all areas, each having their own specialist area according to their expertise.

Team members Lesley Barlow and Sue Hazeldine take care of TNE students overseas such as; Mauritius Branch Campus and the University’s partners in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

They both ensure a partner-based relationship to help establish good working relationships across counterparts in the TNE partner from application to graduation.

Phil added, “We have made a really good start in improving processes for students and being the ‘go to’ office to sort out any issues that may arise.”

“We feel we have made a real difference to the enrolment process and raised our research profile, but recognise that there is still a lot to achieve.

TNE working groups have taken place this year involving all University staff to set targets that resulted in a five page Action Plan to achieve those all-important improvements.”


For more information please contact Danielle Taylor in the Media Relations Office on 01902 322448

For more information on the ‘STaR’ office visit  Or you can contact Phil Whittingham at

Students should log an e:Vision Helpdesk call.

Date Issued: 8 April 2014

For more information please contact the Media Relations Office on 01902 32 2736 or 01902 518647.

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