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Students win cash prizes for achievement


Abdul Alam and Alice BeckleyAbdul Alam and Alice Beckley, who both study Biomedical Science at the University, were rewarded with £400 each for their efforts.

The award was given by the Paycare Charity Trust, which provides grants for equipment and amenities, to help the treatment and recovery of patients in hospitals and hospices.

Trustees of Wolverhampton-based trust annually award prizes to the highest achieving student in the first and second years of Biomedical Science undergraduate study programmes at the University’s Faculty of Science and Technology.

First year winning student, Abdul, of Wolverhampton and second year winning student, Alice, of Northampton, will each receive a cheque from Paycare Charity Trust chair, David Clegg.

Mr Clegg said “We are pleased to be able to continue with our support in respect of these students who will, in the long term, contribute to developments in research and treatments.”

This is the 23rd year of partnership between the University of Wolverhampton and the Paycare trust.

Dr Ruth Shiner, Head of Biomedical Science and Physiology Department at the University, said: “The University of Wolverhampton is very grateful for the continued recognition that the Paycare Charity Trust gives to our top students.

“Many of the past prize winners have made outstanding progress in their careers in Biomedical Science, contributing to patient diagnosis in local hospitals and working towards finding cures for serious diseases.

“These awards encourage students to use their knowledge and skills in the advancement of science and I am sure that this year’s prize winners will be similarly inspired by their awards. We are very proud of what they have achieved.”


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Date Issued: Thursday, October 31

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