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Hungarian experts visit University


The three members of the Innovitas Research Centre in Miskolc, Hungary will spend five days at the University meeting with experts from the Management Research Centre.

The Hungarian experts specialise in research and development in the field of Human Resources in their country.

The visit starts today (Monday, 13 September 2010) and experts from across the University will share their knowledge in a series of seminars. Topics will include international research clusters, video conferencing as a tool and the use of mobile technologies.

An interactive session on HR Management and Development across Europe will also take place.

The aim of the visit is to share best practice in the development of business clusters, which are concentrations of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and organisations such as universities or colleges. Such clusters are relatively new in Hungary and the visit will include looking at how they are managed and how cluster members co-operate with each other.

Dr Silke Machold, Joint Head of the Management Research Centre, said: "The Management Research Centre is hosting three consultants from the Innovitas Research Centre in Miskolc, Hungary. Innovitas specialises in developing business clusters in Hungary and have successfully developed innovation and customer services clusters in Hungary.

“Dr Csaba Mester, Gabriella Mester and Tamas Toth are visiting the University as part of a an international project that seeks to share best practice in developing sustainable clusters specifically related to human resource management and e-learning. We are delighted to welcome our visitors to the University."


Caption: Visitors Dr Csaba Mester, Gabriella Mester, Tamas Toth with Dr Silke Machold and Mike Haynes

Picture: Terry Dean

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