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Event to explore advances in computer games


CGAMES 2010 is a leading research conference focused on the theory and practice of computer games development.

The 15th annual international CGAMES Conference is organised by the University of Wolverhampton in conjunction with the University of Louisville, and will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, from Wednesday, 28 July to Saturday, 31 July 2010.

General Conference Chair, Professor Qasim Mehdi from the University’s School of Computing and Information Technology, said: “The main aim of the conference is to bring together all levels of researchers and developers to exchange ideas that are beneficial to the computing games industry and academia. CGAMES has served the computer gaming community for over a decade by promoting computer games to other areas such as training, education and health.”

CGAMES evaluates new research results, future developments and innovative applications in computer games development and related areas.

The conference also helps researchers and students to improve the quality of their work, which they then present to field experts as well as their peers.

The event has attracted numerous international papers and presenters, making it one of the leading research conferences in the field. A new theme is chosen each year that reflects the many changes in which digital games are developed and played. This year, the conference features keynote talks and workshops on various aspects of Computer Games, which will be presented by industrial and academic speakers in Serious Games, Learning, Virtual Worlds, Emerging Games Technologies, Mobile Devices and Applications.

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