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Student launches relaxing business


Amanda Merrick, from Walsall, created a portable relaxation unit for her business, The Hush Room, after finding that adapting her own music and videos reduced her stress levels.

The 23-year-old received counselling via the University after experiencing a number of personal problems in her second year, including two family deaths and her mum being diagnosed with diabetes and various health problems.

Amanda took time out from her studies but is graduating in September with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication from the School of Art & Design.

She received support for her business from the University’s Student Placement for Entrepreneurs in Education West Midlands (SPEED WM) programme, which enables students to launch a business alongside their studies.

The Hush Room will be officially launched at The White Tree Studio and Gallery in Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton on Saturday 14 August 2010 from 9am to 1pm and people can book to try out the unit.

Clients can choose from three moods, inspiring, uplifting and relaxation, and sit in a chair in front of a projector. Portable semi-circular boards and a curtain are placed around the client for 10 minutes of soothing music and images.

Amanda says: “I was going through a tough time and was advised to try counselling, and I found that it did help me. During that time I was listening to music and creating visual images that I wanted to see and listen to in order to relax.

“Seeing the counsellor sorted my problems out and I felt I needed to do something new so I created The Hush Room. I heard about the SPEED programme and applied, and it has been amazing. If I had not had the support from that I don’t think I would be where I am today.

“Before all this, I used to be quite shy and retiring but because people have said how good the music and the concept of The Hush Room is, it has brought me out of myself and made me more confident. It is amazing that I’ve created something that people want to buy or use and I’m really excited about the launch.”

Amanda has a part-time job but hopes to one day focus on her business full-time.

The Hush Room can fit into any sized room and businesses can purchase a unit for their premises for employees to use to deal with workplace stress, or individuals could book to use the portable room.

For more information about The Hush Room or to book for the launch on August 14, visit or email or call 0752 160 1928.


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