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Language experts take on China challenge

The ‘Chinesecom’ initiative will involve the University developing learning materials aimed at Europeans who frequently travel overseas on business trips.
Daphne Laing, Head of the University’s International Language Centre, has teamed up with other universities on the initiative, which is likely to take an online format and be based around a story.
Ms Laing is looking into the research side of the scheme, which will inform what kind of materials are produced. Her work will also be supported by University of Wolverhampton Chinese language teachers.
She said: “The project is a collaborative effort which will help improve international links.
“We’re thinking about people who may not have much spare time but who would like to learn a language.
“Our aim is to develop materials which will help them develop useful communications skills and enhance their business.”
The 500,000 Euro initiative is being led by the Galician Government, which is raising the profile of Galicia, in northern Spain, in terms of business links with other countries. They are hoping to develop their stone export business with the Chinese market.
Other universities involved in the project are Malaga, Antwerp, Milan, The Association of Language Schools in Spain and Euroroc in Germany.
The materials will be translated into Spanish, Galician, English, Italian and possibly German. It is hoped the project will be completed by November next year.

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