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Arrival of new transport degrees

Reliable and safe transport systems are important for economic growth, as well as commercial and personal activities. The new postgraduate courses are aimed at graduates and professionals who want to expand their knowledge of transport or pursue a new career in this wide ranging field, including management and environment.
The MSc degrees in Transport and Environmental Management and Transport and Infrastructure have been developed by the School of Engineering and the Built Environment. The vocational courses include practical ‘hands on’ activities covering technological, environmental and economical subjects related to transport.
Professor Chris Nwagboso, Director of Innovation and Development, said: “The scale of transport has continued to grow over the last century resulting in a number of unfavourable consequences, such as high congestion, negative environmental impact and safety and security concerns. The transport sector has an increasing need for transport specialists and trained professionals and these courses will equip employees with the skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career.
“Transport planning is a major part of regeneration of our cities and towns. A management career in today’s transport industry is arguably one of the most challenging, diverse and rewarding of any sector of industry.”
Graduates from these courses could establish or further develop a career across a range of specialisms, including transport consultancy, national, regional or local government transport planning, operational management and the global transport industry. The new courses are available to start in September 2008, subject to validation.
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