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Travel Advice FAQs

Last updated: Friday 1 May 2020

Travel advice

The University has decided to stop international travel until further notice. 

If you are travelling anywhere in the world, you should check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office country information for the latest advice. The latest World Health Organisation situation report also has information about where cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. You should also be familiar with the list of areas to which PHE self-isolation guidance applies. 


If you are an international student and you wish to return home and are able to do so, the University will endeavour to put in place support and resources to ensure that that your studies will not be adversely affected.


Anyone considering this please let the University know by logging your call  through e:Vision.  A key benefit to using the Helpdesk call is it's very easy to track, update and have a record of your query and our responses, we will respond to your call as soon as possible. 



The PHE advice is that anyone who has been in Category 1 areas should isolate themselves, whether or not they are showing symptoms of the virus. On that basis, you should not receive visitors from these areas. 


If your visitors are from Category 2 areas they would need to self-isolate for 14 days if they developed symptoms. Please make them aware of the PHE guidance as part of their induction or welcome process. 

Ultimately if you have had leave booked and approved it is your decision as to whether or not to travel and you should consult your tour operator / insurer for further advice, as many flight operators have cancelled flights to these areas. The University is recommending that staff adhere to the guidance issued by the FCO on worldwide travel, please see their website for more details.


If a staff member knowingly puts themselves in harm’s way consideration may be given to withholding permission to have paid special leave if required to self-isolate upon their return, depending on the advice in force from PHE at the time of their return.

Please seek advice on circumstances of this nature from Aisla Nicholls, Deputy Director of HR (