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School of Sciences


Your placements are being considered by the placement provider and professional body in negotiation with us. We will communicate the exact details on a course by course basis as soon as we have these. Please bear with us as there are many providers and we are speaking to all of them.

All placements in the School of Pharmacy will be suspended until further notice. Opportunities to complete or retrieve placements will be communicated to all students once the situation becomes clearer.

Exams and assessments

Assessments will be conducted on line where possible and clear instructions will be given by module leaders via module Canvas topics. Where this is not possible module teams will advise of the alternative arrangements. You will be able to seek SAMS-style assistance for support from your tutors in assessments through virtual meetings or by telephone. Contact your tutors to make arrangements for appointments.


Postgraduate research students will receive a communication from the Doctoral College outlining the need for lab closures and how the University will mitigate against this.


If your current modules include practical elements then your module leaders and course teams will be working towards developing alternative modes of delivery, which will be communicated to you on a module by module basis through Canvas. Where module assessments currently include practical aspects these too are being reconsidered and alternatives will be announced in due course. In some cases this will be through provision of data to be analysed and written up; instructions will be provided on the relevant Canvas pages. We have consulted PSRBs in the different subject areas around the requirements for demonstrating practical competencies or portfolios. Each subject area will be advising students on how we will deal with those requirements through Canvas and we will ensure that students receive appropriate advice and guidance so that you will complete you course with the necessary qualifications to satisfy accreditation criteria.

Field Trips

All field trips are postponed until further notice. For assessment purposes we will provide alternative assessments and wherever possible look to provide additional opportunities to gain the hands on learning experiences throughout the course of your studies.  We will endeavour to move Masters field trips to a later point in the year to allow them to be included within the normal time period of the course. Further information will be available from your module tutors and on the module Canvas pages.