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School of Humanities

The School of Humanties remains a vibrant centre of creative activity, and we will be ready for business in September 2020. We are supporting our current students to complete their work during 'lockdown', and are planning how to safely open our doors in September for all our ner and returning students. We aim to provide a full range of online and on-site learning opportunities next year that will allow you to access our lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials in smaller, safer groups.

To keep you excited about our subjects and the insights they offer on the contemporary issues affecting our culture, communties and society, we are programming a range of subject podcasts and virtual events, including our Book Club on Thursday mornings, and in the new year are looking forward to continuing our participation with other schools and departments of Humanities in the national Being Human Festival. Please keep checking in with us for news and updates.

Module teaching and assessments

Your module leaders will have contacted you about moving to online/remote delivery of teaching sessions. We understand you may be worried in particular about assessments that normally involve physical presence on campus: for example, oral presentations, in-class tests, examinations.  However, please rest assured we are working on ways to approach these issues, and we will work out solutions to them which will not disadvantage you.  We will keep you regularly updated as we progress on this.


We realise that during this period, absence will be unavoidable. Whilst we hope everyone is able to keep safe and well, we ask that you please let us know if you are unwell or unable to participate in any online learning. You can inform your subject leader or student services. There may be some staff absence too and we would ask that you bear with us whilst we ensure your teaching can continue: we will do our very best to make sure sessions are delivered.


Whether you are engaged in research for your undergraduate dissertation, or as part of a postgraduate degree, your supervisor is available to support you. Get in touch by email and suitable arrangements will be made for your supervision.

Personal Tutoring

This will be delivered remotely on a one-to-one basis. Staff are still contactable by email, and we can arrange online conferences and phone calls. Similarly, our academic coach – Sean Derrick – will continue to support Level 4 students remotely.


The School had a programme of events including guest speakers, book launches, and performances at occasions like Artsfest.  Following on from the Government’s advice to cancel all public gatherings, we have had to postpone these events. Anyone who has purchased tickets for any of our events will be contacted to organise refunds as appropriate.

Keeping in touch

We realise that not everyone will have access to the kind of equipment required to participate in remote learning: if this is the case, we would ask that you contact us and let us know so that we can continue to support you through your studies using other means.