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School of Engineering

Exams and assessments

We understand you may be worried in particular about assessments that normally involve physical presence on campus.   However, please rest assured we are working on ways to approach these issues.  You will be able to seek SAMS-style assistance for support from your tutors in assessments through virtual meetings or by telephone. Contact you tutors to make arrangements for appointments. Please continue with your on-line course work submission as normal. In addition if you have logged any work in the workshops for your final year dissertation please make your academic supervisor aware so they can follow up with technical team in the workshops. Full semester teaching resource for all your module is available via Canvas topics, if in any doubt please get in touch with your respective module leader for clarification or advice.



Postgraduate research students will receive a communication from the Doctoral College outlining how the University will be supporting them during this time.   



If your current modules include practical elements then your module leaders and course teams will be working towards developing alternative modes of delivery, which will be communicated to you on a module by module basis through Canvas. Where module assessments currently include practical aspects these too are being reconsidered and alternatives will be announced in due course. All those students who have engaged in laboratory exercises and are working towards their final reports please complete your reports as per your deadline and submit on-line for final assessment. In case you have missed a lab or missing data please get in touch with your module leader for help and support.