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International Academy

Online Classes

All staff at The International Academy have provided materials on Canvas and will provide support in on-line classes during standard office hours which will be conducted on-line.

Module Teaching and Assessments

As regards your assessments, where required and where appropriate we are looking at alternative forms of assessment which can be undertaken remotely and we will communicate these to you in the near future.

Language Support Sessions

It is vital that you constantly build on your English Language skills and as such please take advantage of the English Language Support sessions that are freely available to you to further support your learning. If you have not already done so, please enrol on the open Canvas course: Academic English Language Skills. The self-enrolment link to the Canvas course is

As regards contact, Postgraduates, please continue to contact your PG Academic English tutor in the usual way. Undergraduates, from Wednesday 18 March our language support workshops and 1-1 English tutorials will be delivered online. For 1-1 English, please book appointments as usual through the Canvas calendar. At the start of your appointment, the tutor will message you through Canvas to ask if you want to communicate via the Canvas Conference app or via email. To save time, please make sure you are logged into Canvas before your appointment begins.

Undergraduate language support workshops will be delivered initially via the Canvas Conference app (Big Blue Button). Invitations will be sent to everybody on the Academic English Language Skills course and, when the time comes, you can join the workshop(s) you wish to attend.

Unfortunately, using the Academic English Language Skills course in this way will result in an increase in your Canvas notifications. You can turn these off by altering your Canvas notification preferences. If you want to receive conference notifications from your module courses but not this one, you could set up a rule in your email inbox to delete notifications from this Canvas course.

The Language Support Team is made up of Carol, Hildegard, Sarah, Anastasia, Nathan, Frank and Cecilia and I know that they are looking forward to supporting you if you have any queries.