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Institute of Health


We appreciate and would like to thank those of you who are out on placement or are due to go out on placement for working hard to support our placement providers in a challenging and unprecedented situation.

Your placements are being considered by the placement provider and professional body in negotiation with us. We will communicate the exact details on a course by course basis as soon as we have these. Please bear with us as there are many providers and we are speaking to all of them.

Information and guidance for healthcare professional students on placement has been posted to one Canvas topic titled Placement Learning for Nurses. Whilst we appreciate that you are not all nurses we wanted to set something up quickly so that one source of information is maintained for all students, as most of the guidance is the same. Pre-registration nursing students already have access to this topic. Midwifery and allied health students will be sent a link by their course leader so that they can enrol onto the topic. When you access the topic please click on Modules and you will see COVID-19 Information.

As you can imagine information and guidance can change at a rapid rate so this Canvas topic will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that you are kept as up to date as possible. Please appreciate that we may not always have all of the answers that you are looking for but we will continue to seek advice and guidance in relation to any queries raised.

Practical Work

If your current modules include practical elements then your module leaders and course teams will be working towards developing alternative modes of delivery or rescheduling the delivery for a later date. This information will be communicated to you on a module by module basis through Canvas. Where module assessments currently include practical aspects these too are being reconsidered and alternatives will be announced in due course.