WIRE Submission

To submit your research paper to WIRE, please complete this form and upload an electronic copy of the full text of the item.

For journal articles and conference proceedings, the WIRE team will perform the required publisher checks and archive the item. For all other publication types, the author must ask for permission from the publisher to deposit the paper in WIRE.

You will receive notification once the item has been archived in WIRE.

Please provide as much information as possible, but if you are unsure about any of the information required, please contact the WIRE team (wire@wlv.ac.uk)

From April 2018, the WIRE form has new fields for recording exceptions to the open access REF policy – please select any exceptions that apply

Details of HEFCE’S Open Access policy for REF 2021, including information on exceptions, can be found in this document

  • Orcid IDs are used to uniquely identify individual researchers. You can obtain an ORCID ID from www.orcid.org

  • Choose one collection from the Communities and Collections page.
    If you are unsure, please enter the School or Institute you belong to.

  • i.e. conference name, book title

  • please use First Name(s) Surname format

  • / /
    Pick a date.

    this is the date you receive confirmation from the publisher, following peer review and corrections, that the paper has been accepted for publication. For items published prior to April 2016, Publication date is sufficient.

  • Journal publishers usually provide a DOI when the article is accepted for publication

  • Please pay particular attention to providing accurate keywords that describe your research paper as these will be the subject terms used to identify the article to search engines.

  • Most research funding bodies will provide each project a code or ID, please enter this here if known

  • Authorised name of the body responsible for funding your research (e.g. Wellcome Trust). “Self-funded” or “University of Wolverhampton” or “NA” may be used if appropriate. If you know the funding bodies International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI), please add that also.

  • Unless the publisher explicitly allows upload of the final published version, this should be the Author Accepted Manuscript.