Self-service Machines

Self-service machines are located in the Harrison, Telford and Walsall Learning Centres. You can use these machines to avoid queuing at the Lending Services Helpdesk.

The self-service machines can be used to

  • issue items
  • return items
  • renew items
  • check your account
  • pay fines*

* only available at Harrison and Walsall Learning Centres

To use the machines, press one of the two buttons on screen, and follow the instructions. You will need your ID card to issue, renew and pay fines, but not to return items.

When you have finished, press the Print receipt button on the screen for your receipt to be printed. This will advise you of the due dates of your books if you have issued or renewed.

Please note that fines in excess of £25.00 or loans overdue by more than 28 days, will prevent you from issuing further items on the Self-service machines.