Finding e-Journal Articles

 Journals are scholarly publications which are published periodically, usually several times a year. They are aimed at specialists and researchers.  They contain articles written by experts in the subject. Articles often have abstracts and bibliographies.

You can find journal articles by using the library catalogue.    First, put your keywords into the search box and click Search. 

Then, to limit your results to online journal articles only, click on “Full Text Online” and “Journal Article” under the “REFINE YOUR SEARCH” side panel.  

If you want to limit your results to peer-reviewed articles, click on “Scholarly and Peer-Review”. (Peer-review is when other experts in the field review an article before it is published).

e-Journal Filters

If you want to access the article, click on its title.  Sign in with your University IT account username and password if requested. 

e-Journal Articles

Sometimes, the library catalogue won’t link you directly to the full text of the article. In these cases, try using the “Browse Journal” link on the side panel to navigate yourself to the article. Or under the “Try a Different Source” drop down menu, try using an alternative source for the ejournal.

e-Journal Panels

If you have difficulty accessing an article, contact us via the Chat button or at our new Getting Help page.

Most articles found in the library catalogue are part of large journal collections, held in subject databases. You can search these databases directly by going to the Subject Resources page.

More tips on Searching the library catalogue.

A reference to an article in an ejournal, using the University’s Harvard style, would look like this:

Banthiaa, N.,  Zanottia, C., Sappakittipakornb, M. (2014) Sustainable fiber reinforced concrete for repair applications.  Construction and Building Materials [online]. 67(C) pp. 405-412 [Accessed 15July 2015]. Available at: <>

The University’s Harvard Referencing Guide (PDF 710K, Downloads file)