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Join the Journal Club for a 6-week course in scientific writing skills

The University Library, in collaboration with Dr Bernice Wright (Senior Lecturer in Therapeutic Pharmacology, FSE), has developed a short course in scientific writing skills, for undergraduate students.
The course will run on Friday afternoons at 1-2pm, for 6 weeks each semester, starting from Friday 27th March 2022. 


The course is structured into six modules. You are free to complete any of those modules alone or you can complete the full course.

The modules are:

  • Database searching [Week 1, starting Friday 27th May]
  • Critical reading [Week 2, Friday 3rd June] 
  • Report writing [Week 3, Friday 10th June]
  • Presentation skills [Week 4, Friday 17th June]
  • Presentation writing [Week 5, Friday 25th March]
  • Presentation of a research article [Week 6, Friday 1st July]


Please note, you will not be formally assessed. You will receive detailed feedback on your performance in acquiring the following skills:

  • Database Searching
  • Academic Referencing
  • Critical reading
  • Ability to structure a scientific report
  • Understanding of research background [presentation of a research article]
  • Understanding of a research problem [presentation of a research article]
  • Experimental Design [presentation of a research article]
  • Presentation Skills [presentation of a research article]

 The Journal Club is available in 6-week cycles every semester.

If you're interested in joining, get in touch with the Skills for Learning Manager, Joe Carey (

 We look forward to meeting and working with you.

 The Journal Club Team


For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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