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Coronavirus Student Update: 18 March 2020: School/Institute Web Pages


School/Institute Web Pages

We will be putting mechanisms in place to ensure that you can maintain contact with staff or your support teams remotely but in terms of the more immediate issues that may affect you in the short term, we have set up some dedicated School and Institute web pages which are designed to keep you up to date with news, advice and guidance. This should include answers to some of your questions. Scroll to the bottom of the Coronavirus landing page to find your School specific link:


Libraries will remain open for the time being but please remember that government guidance is asking us all to practise social distancing so please avoid, if at all possible, coming into the University and try to avoid group contact wherever you can.

Please be mindful that there may be things that we haven’t been able to cover on the web pages but if you do have any further questions contact your Student Services team:

  • Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences: 01902 321789
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: 01902 322129
  • Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing: 01902 518800

There is also a contact centre number that you may find useful. This will be open from 8.30am until 5.00pm: 01902 323001.

For more information please contact the Corporate Communications Team.

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