We have been busy this summer

We have been making improvements to the Learning Centres during the summer.

We have...

  • Replaced carpet on the ground floor at HLC with an exciting co-ordinated colour scheme
  • Provided new flooring to the areas at entrances to the upper floors
  • Completely Refurbished third floor male toilets
  • Decorated staircases in vivid colours to enliven the area
  • Single study carrels have been revamped making them bright and cosy places to work
  • Replaced ‘tired’ old furniture with colourful modern designs
  • Provided more office chairs instead of desk chairs at WLC
  • Replaced lighting with sensor controlled energy saving units
  • Replaced existing light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Provided more specialist software PC’s and located them all in an identifiable area
  • Upgraded our Group Study Room bookings system
  • Checked every reading list to ensure there are books or e-books for your course
  • Our staff have undergone the latest customer care training, ensuring they are ready to assist YOU
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