Will links to documents the library digitised for me still work in Canvas?

If the library has previously supplied you links to digitised chapters or articles, they will now have been copied over to Canvas and continue to work. However, any links you have added to/or amended in WOLF since 1st March 2017, will need to be manually copied across to Canvas.

Please note that last year the library changed the service it uses for hosting digitised copies. All module leaders with links to digitised items were contacted at that time and provided with replacement links. If you amended your links then, you are all set, and the links that have copied over to Canvas will continue to work. If you have not yet amended your links, please ensure this is done promptly as all old style links will stop working at the end of June. If you are unsure:

Tick in a green circleNew style links that will continue to work begin: https://contentstore.cla.co.uk/...

Cross in a red circleOld style links that will stop working at the end of June begin: http://www2.wlv.ac.uk/...

If you have not received the replacement links, or have any concerns about your digitised links, please contact Digitisation@wlv.ac.uk .

If you wish to request any further digitised scanned extracts, please read through the Digitisation Service webpage, select either Book chapter or Journal article, then complete and submit the Request Form. NB Please do not scan hard copy book chapters yourself and share them electronically with your students.

How can I avoid breaching copyright when creating my Canvas modules?

Although Canvas makes it easier than ever to incorporate a range of documents and media in your modules, you do still need to be aware of copyright restrictions before using anything that was not created by you. We’ve created a short guide. If you have any queries about copyright, or embedding information resources in Canvas, your Liaison Librarian will be glad to help.