Using and Copying from Internet Sources

Material on the Internet is subject to Copyright the same as material in any other format. The safest way to treat material published on the Internet is if it were in paper form. It is advisable to check for copyright statements on websites, and to seek clearance for any wider use of material.

The 'downloading and storing' of illegal material on the Universities computer network is strictly forbidden.

For guidelines and 'good practice' advice on copying from the Internet, and scenarios depicting where 'Fair Dealing' could apply, please read the following Guidelines for 'Fair Dealing' in an Electronic Environment.

PLEASE NOTE: These are guidelines and not 'the law.'

If you are creating your own web site and want to link to others, guidelines and 'good practice' is to seek permission from the other web site owners for the link. They may not (for example) wish their web page to be associated with yours if you are expressing or promoting views or ideals that they strongly disagree with. Make your link to their 'homepage' so that anyone accessing their material from your site will be able to view any copyright declarations and information that they have on the conditions of use for their material.