Educational Recording Agency

For recording broadcasts from TV and Radio (digitally formatting video and dvd for teaching).

This licence covers the recording of UK broadcasts of ERA members material via Television (including Films), Radio and some Internet broadcasts by members (fixed viewing time broadcasts only - not 'on-demand' services).

All items recorded under these licensing permissions must be labelled up with the following information:-

  1. The date when the recording was made.
  2. Name of the broadcaster.
  3. Programme title.
  4. The following statement must be placed on all items - 'This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.'

Material may be recorded for ‘educational’ purposes only. Analogue recordings made under licence may be transferred into digital formats for the ‘educational use’ of licensed establishments. Video recordings can be transferred to DVD / included in Powerpoint or placed on our server – but the licence states that they can only be accessed from ‘on-site terminals’ and through ‘secure access’ (password protected etc) – not from home PCs and must carry a permissions/copyright statement. See below for details on this service.

Please note: From 1 July 2013 Open University (OU) broadcasts will be covered under the ERA licence.

Our On-line access / Digital service under the ERA Licence:

The ERA Licence allows material recorded from the below broadcasters/rights owners to be used in our institution for educational use - there are other members but these are the ‘broadcasting’ members.

  • BBC Radio and TV (including BBC Worldwide Ltd).
  • ITV Network Ltd.
  • Channel 4 Television Corporation.
  • Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd.
  • Sianel Pedwar Cymru.

Please note: Where any of the above broadcasters delivers programmes via the Internet and the broadcaster offers a range of 'fixed viewing times' for the viewer to select from - these may be recorded. However, it does not cover i-player style broadcasts from any of the above or 'commercial radio' broadcasts/podcasts or YouTube.

The digital options in our licence allow us to digitally record and format programmes and make them available via 'on-campus access only' from PCs and Laptops (broadband access on campus as well). In order for us to ensure that the material is locked down to on-campus access only (under the terms and conditions of the licence) lecturers should adopt the following procedure:

  1. Material is to be accessed from our secure password accessed VLE - Canvas.
  2. If the material is covered under the ERA Licence - you will be asked to call IT Services Help Desk to give them information on the size of the file you have. They will advise you on whether they wish to receive this via e-mail attachment or whether you need to burn it onto cd/dvd etc (please mark either e-mail subject box or cd/dvd disc with the following statement - 'ERA Licence material'. If sending a cd/dvd you can use either internal post or deliver it to IT Services directly yourselves - 3rd Floor MX Building, Camp St, Wolverhampton.
  3. Please place the following information about the item in the Canvas pages of the module you wish your students to access it from.
    • Date when the recording was made.
    • Name of the broadcaster.
    • Programme title
    • The following statement must accompany the item: 'This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.'
  4. IT Services will then send you a link to the item which you can place alongside the above info in your Canvas pages.

For more information on the Educational Recording Agency please visit their web site at