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Setting up your PC or laptop

While we are all working and learning from home, we are sending out PCs and laptops to our staff and students directly from our suppliers - so they arrive with you fresh-out-of-the-box. 

If you are a new member of staff we have drafted some useful steps to help guide you through the set-up process with your new Windows device. If you are familiar with setting up a new Windows laptop, you can follow the shorter instructions in section 1. If you need a bit more guidance, you can find every step in the setting up process detailed in section two, with accompanying images.

Either way, you will need the password for your home wifi / broadband and a personal Microsoft email account (you may already have one you can use to sign in to your new device with, if not you will need to create this as part of the initial set-up process.) BUT, once set up to sign in with a non-University Office email account, you can move over to your University Office 365 account and use all the applications available to our staff (Outlook for email and calendar, OneDrive for document storage and sharing, and Teams for collaboration using video and chat.)