Moving to Exchange Online

As part of the move of staff to Office 365, ITS are improving email services by moving everyone to “Exchange Online”. 

The move will be phased in over several months but will give all staff huge 100Gb space for email! You will be contacted by ITS when your mailbox is due for migration.

For the move to be as smooth as possbile, we've outlined some key pointers of what you'll need to do below.

Before you migrate

Make sure you're logged out of Outlook the evening before you're set to make the switchover (you'll be notified when by ITS).

Do not access your emails until the next morning - this includes accessing your email from mobile.

Morning after migration

The day after your migration has taken place, when you open Outlook, everything should be there as normal. 

If you had a personal storage file (or pst) from our previous Outlook, you can import this by following the instructions on this page

Your email on your mobile device will also be the same as before, for recommended guidance on how to use Outlook on different mobile operating systems, click the relevant link below:

Another added bonus to moving over to Exchange Online is that you can now access your email using any web browser. Simply visit and log in using your University credentials.

Upcoming changes

There are a number of known issues that we're aware of with Office Exchange that the team are working to resolve. We will update this area with any additional issues going forward. 

  • There is a known issue which requires Android users to delete and re-install the Outlook application to their device in order to access their emails following migration.
  • A small number of staff may not be able to see calendars that they previously had access to, if the other member of staff has not been moved to Exchange Online


If you have any issues with your mailbox, access or the migration across to Exchange Online, please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing or calling ext 2000.