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Student Office 365 email FAQ

Office 365 looks and works the same on all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Your mailbox, including contacts, deleted items etc. can be up to 25GB in size.

Yes, you can use it with handhelds such as iPhones, Windows Mobile phones or Android phones. Instructions and settings.

Yes, it's possible to set up IMAP or POP3 access to your Office 365 mailbox. See instructions for configuring Windows Live Mail to access your student mailbox.

You can't print an email from the preview pane. You need to double-click on it to open it, which will display another menu with a print button.

The maximum message size is 25MB. However, attachments will be encoded for transmission, and this makes them bigger. The largest attachment you can send is about 18MB.


When you log into Office 365, you just use your standard University username (student number) and password. If you go to the Office 365 portal (not recommended), it will ask you for a User ID; this is your University email address, then it will take you to a University logon page.

When you delete messages they are moved to your Deleted Items folder, and you can get them back easily if you haven't emptied it. Just open that folder and move the message back to the Inbox. Once you've emptied the Deleted Items folder, you can still get the items back for 30 days by clicking Recover Deleted Items while in the Deleted Items folder. After that they are deleted by Microsoft.

Yes, and you will get notifications from the University's spam identification service for any emails that are identified as spam. It's possible that Microsoft's anti-spam service may detect a few that get past the University's spam service, in which case they will be stored in your Junk Email folder.

If you don't log into it for 180 days (about 6 months) Microsoft will delete all messages in the mailbox and stop it accepting new mail. You would still be able to log in to start using it again, but you would not be able to get the deleted messages back.

Your Office 365 mailbox is stored within the European Union, so is covered by Data Protection rules equivalant to those in the United Kingdom. However, data stored in OneDrive may be stored in the United States, which has different rules. It is therefore best if you don't store information about which there might be intellectual property (IPR) concerns. Data in OneDrive also isn't backed up, so you can't retrieve a file once you've deleted it.

Your Office 365 account and mailbox will be deleted along with your University IT account, so you should forward any important messages, contacts etc to another mail provider before you leave.