Configuring Windows Live Mail

Configuring Windows Live Mail to access your Office 365 mailbox

Windows Live Mail is an application that enables you to manage mail from more than one account. Some people prefer to use this rather than a web-based mail system, which is the default for the Office 365 student email service. If you don't have it installed already, you can download it free from Microsoft.

This document explains how to set it up to access your student Office 365 mailbox using IMAP. Some people prefer to use an older alternative called POP. We believe that IMAP is simpler to understand, but if you want to use POP, you can still follow most of this document.

Getting details of your mail server

  • First you need to log into your Office 365 account on the Web.
  • Then select the Settings Cog > Options on the right of the window,
  • Then select Options...from the drop-down list.

This is what you should see:

POP and IMAP settings

  • Under Accounts select POP and IMAP.
  • This will display some information that you will need to set up the account in the Live Mail application:
  • Keep this window open so you can refer to it later.

First you need to start Windows Live Mail. You will see a window like this:

Live Mail startup screen

Click the Accounts tab, and select Email from the ribbon. You wll see this:

Account settings page

Enter your University email address, your password and your name in the boxes, and check Manually configure server settings. Then click Next.

On the next screen you can change the name that Live Mail gives to the account. It starts off as (your-alias), which is not very meaningful:

Server settings

You can change this to anything you like, such as University. Now click the Servers tab:

Server definitions

On this page you first fill in the Email username and Password fields. The Email username is your mail address (and Office 365 account name), and the Password is your Windows password. Next fill in the details of the servers that you obtained above (headed Protocol Settings): the Incoming mail server is the one listed under IMAP Setting, and the Outgoing mail server is listed under SMTP setting. Normally they are the same. Now click the Advanced tab:

Advanced settings

Check This server requires a secure connection for both Outgoing mail and Incoming mail. The port number for Incoming mail will automatically change from 143 to 993 (which matches what's on the Protocol Settings page), but you will need to change the port number for SMTP under Server Port Numbers from 25 to 587, again from the Protocol Settings page. Now click OK to apply these settings.

Live Mail will now download a list of folders in your mailbox. You'll see this while it's doing so:

Downloading folders...

After that you'll see the standard view of your inbox and other folders:

Inbox screen

You are now ready to start using Live Mail.

You can also set up the address book in Live Mail to show you the University Global Address List (staff and students). To do this, first click the Live Mail tab (the blue one to the left of the Home tab), then select Options and Email accounts:

Directory accounts

A new window will open:

Account creation window

Click Add. You will see this:

Directory account creation

Select Contacts Directory Account and click Next.

Directory setup - LDAP server

For LDAP Server enter Check The Contact directory requires me to log on. Then click Next:

Enter login details

Enter your Windows username (student number), followed by, and your Windows password. Click Next.

Type of checks to be done

Click Use for manual checks only, then Next. The last screen doesn't ask for any information, so just click Finish. You are now back at the Accounts window:

Contacts Directory - properties

There are a couple of changes you need to make still, so click Properties:

Contacts Directory - general properties

If you want, give the new address book a more meaningful name (e.g. Address Book). Now click the Advanced tab:

Address Book - advanced properties

Check This server requires a secure connection, and in the Search base box;

  • enter ou=2kusers,dc=unv,dc=wlv,dc=ac,dc=uk.
  • Now click OK. You are now done setting up the directory.

When you create a new message in Live Mail, this is what the message window looks like:

New email window

When you move the mouse over the To: header, it turns into a button. Click it, and you will see this:

Using the address book

Click the button labelled Look in Contact directories:

Searching the directory

Select Last name from the first drop-down box under Define criteria, then is from the second, and then type the surname you are looking for in the right-most box. Finally click Search. This is what the results look like:

Search results

You can get more details by selecting one of the result lines and clicking the Properties button:

Search results - detail

Once you've identified the correct entry, select it and click To: ->. The address will be added to the new email:

Address added

When you've finished using the directory, click OK to go back to the email you are composing.