Configuring Mobile Devices

Your mobile device must be connected to the Internet before you start.

The general settings required are as follows:   Server:      Domain: UNV

Synchronise a Windows 8 Mobile with your University email account

This applies to all University Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Mobiles. Other Manufacturers may vary.

If you have received a new, upgrade or replacement Windows Phone or performed a hard reset on your device, then you will need to configure the settings to enable your email account so you can synchronise with the Exchange server.

Start up and Initialise

  • Switch on the handset
  • Make sure it is fully charged
  • Carry out the on screen instructions to initialise the handset
  • When the initial setup is complete, some software will install which takes a few minutes. Wait until it has finished before continuing.

Check Date and Time

Make sure the Date and Time have been set correctly.

If not, please adjust in settings.

Email Setup

On the Home Screen, select the envelope icon for Mail Setup.

Select Outlook

Enter your e-mail address and password and then click sign in. The password is the same as you use to log into your PC.

Untick the box Download Lync from the Store. We can’t use Lync at the moment. When the box in unticked, click done.

The device will now connect to the Exchange server and start to download your e-mails, Calendar and Contacts.

Synchronise an iPhone with your University email account

Instructions for staff wanting to synchronise their own iPhone with the Exchange server.

With the iPhone switched on, select the Settings icon.

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list

Select Add Account

Select Microsoft Exchange

Enter your e-mail address on the top line

Enter your IT account password

Description is optional.

Tap the Next button.

  • If an error message is displayed, just click OK/Accept.
  • A new line will appear called Server. Please enter

Tap Save to finish.

The phone should then start to Synchronise.

Synchronise an Android Smartphone with your University email account.

Instructions for staff wanting to synchronise their Android Smartphone with the Exchange server. Please note, these instructions are for the HTC Desire and HTC Desire S. Other Android phones may vary

With the phone switched on, select the Settings icon.

Select Accounts & sync from the list

Select Add Account and choose Exchange ActiveSync from the list.

  • Please ignore the first 2 boxes (e-mail address and Password) and select Manual Setup.
  • Fill in each of the boxes. The Server address is and the domain is unv.
  • Tap the Next button.

  • When this screen appears, tap the Next button.

A new page will show the Account name for the phone, which will be your e-mail address.

Tap Finish setup.

The phone should then start to Synchronise.