iCritical Upgrade

As part of the upgrade to the email scanning service (which helps prevent spam/phishing or emails containing viruses from reaching your inbox), you are now able to preview the quarantined emails from the iCritical Spam Report email that you receive.

Below is a sample Spam Report email that you will receive four times a day listing any suspected emails that have been sent to you.

Under the Action column, you can either choose to Preview the email to check its contents or click Allow&Release to have the email released from quarantine and sent to your inbox.

iCritical Spam Report

In preview mode you can check the contents of the email to see if the email was genuine and something you were expecting to be delivered to your inbox.

You have 3 options here:

  1. Release - Release this email and it will be delivered to your inbox shortly.
  2. Allow Sender - Don't release this email, but allow future emails to be received.
  3. Allow & Release - Allow future emails from this sender and release this email to be delivered shortly.

iCritical Preview