Accessing Departmental Shared File Store

Each University department has a shared file storage area, which by convention appears as drive i: on staff PCs.

Access Departmental Shared File Store from outside the University

Most of these drives can be accessed from outside the University using the same tools as for personal storage, though all accesses are controlled by permissions, exactly as when you use an I: drive at the University. If you have access rights to one of these areas, you can read and write the files and documents contained in it.

Access to these files is secure, in that the information is encrypted in transit using SSL, the same technology used in financial transactions on the Web.

We recommend that you use this method to store documents you need to share with colleagues, rather than copying them to cloud-based services such as Dropbox. Material of this type is usually sensitive, and cloud-based storage providers may not meet EU Data Protection requirements.

Accessing Shared Storage from Windows

To access one of these storage areas from Windows either off campus or using a personally owned device, you need the WebDrive software, as for Personal Storage (see the webdrive setup information in the Personal File Store section).

However, you will need to define the shared storage site in WebDrive. Follow the instructions on the Using Webdrive tab on this page.

Accessing Shared Storage from Windows

To do this, click Start and select Webdrive from the Programs menu.

The Site Wizard window will open like this:

Webdrive window

Click New Site, and another window will open:

New site window

Enter a name to describe the site (e.g. MyDepartment Shared Storage), and select a suitable drive letter.

You may want to use I:, but you can choose any drive letter which is not in use on your PC.

Then click Next:

Connect method window

Leave the Server type field set to WebDAV, but tick Connect Securely, then click Next:

Server URL window

Now choose the correct Server URL value from the Shared Drive URL's, and type it in the box labelled Enter the URL for the Server.

Then click Next:

Certificates window

Click Next on the Certificate Settings window:

Account window

In the Account Information window enter your University IT account username and password (you don't need the UNV\ prefix).

For security you should uncheck the Save Password box, so it will always ask you to enter your password when you connect.

Then click Next:

Finish window

Just click Finish on the last window.

The main Webdrive window will now show the new site, like this:

Webdrive site window - updated

Once the site is configured, you can select it when you start Webdrive, and then click Connect (on the right). A window will pop up asking for your password (as when you use Personal Storage with Webdrive), and then another showing the top level of the shared storage area:

Shared storage window

Note: IT Services used to supply Webdrive configured so that after installation, there were two icons on your PC's desktop, for My Personal Storage and My Shared Storage respectively. However, because departmental structures and shared storage allocation change from time to time, we have stopped this in favour of providing this way of configuring access to shared storage areas.

If you have a My Shared Storage icon on your desktop, but it doesn't work, please ignore it and/or delete it and use the procedure described here to access the storage.

Selecting Server URLs for connecting to Shared Storage

You connect to the Shared Storage server in exactly the same way as Personal Storage. The difference is in the Server URL that you supply when you set up the new site. This table shows the shared storage areas that are currently accessible in this way, and the departments that own them:

Server URL Department Blended Learning Unit Directorate of Academic Support USP Facilities Finance Health & Safety Division Learning & Information Services #Portbook# School of Art & Design School of Technology (ex-SCIT) School of Technology (ex-SEBE) #siapp temp# School of Legal Studies School of Health Wolverhampton Business School Agresso Desktop ApprenticeshipHub Arena #ArtsConnect# Academies & Trusts Unit Black Country Schools Improvement Partnership #BECCI# Business Solutions CAPARO (STECH) Catering Conferencing Info #CEW Information# CIDT CMIS Timetable Conferencing Directorate of Academic Support #DictProject# Digital Campus Meetings Digital Campus Estates and Facilities Directorate Estates Management Education Central #EDSU_SN# #Enterprise# Estates Management (plans) Estates and Facilities - Nursery Estates and Facilities - Campus Operations Finance #Faculty of Arts Income Generation# Estates and Facilities - Sports Human Resources #Human Resources - PSU# Human Resources - References #HSDInfo# #IAInfo# International Centre University Images IT Services #Kinetic# Learning Information Services School of Law, Social Sciences & Communications Marketing Executive Office of the Dean of Students

Office of Dean of Students - OutReach Printer Replacement Project Print Services Unit Registry #Residential Services# #RPU# School of Art and Design School of Applied Sciences School of Applied Sciences - Student School of Education School of Health and Well-being School of Health and Well-being - Archive School of Health, Legal and Social Sciences #SIAPP# #Sits Document Manager# #Staff Development# School of Technology Students' Union Wolverhampton Science Park

Once you have defined the site, connect to it and you should get a list of all the files you have access to. Bear in mind that there may be files you can read, but not change or delete. If you try to access a shared storage area for a department or school other than your own, you will probably be unable to see any files in it.