What is Windows 7?

Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. It is currently available on all Student machines, and the majority of Staff.

  • Windows 7 is speedy, reliable and so much more!
  • Together with Office 2010 it can help to make you more productive.

Use the information and links to videos below to read about the exciting new Windows 7 concepts to help you find information and customize your desktop so that you can work the way you want to.

You will learn about exciting new features such as Aero Snap, Peek and Shake as well as Jump Lists.

For starters download the free Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide.

A better desktop.

Windows 7 gets you around your PC faster than ever. The taskbar has bigger buttons and full-sized previews - and you can pin programs to it for one-click access. Jump Lists provide shortcuts to files, folders and websites. And Snap, Peek, and Shake give you easy (and fun) new ways to juggle all those open windows.

Smarter search.

Type in the Start Menu search box, and you'll see results instantly, grouped by category - documents, pictures, music, e-mail, and programs. Search in a folder or library and you can fine-tune your search with filters like date or file type - and use the preview pane to peek at the contents of your results.

Built for speed.

Windows 7 has key performance improvements to take up less memory and run background services only when you need them. It's designed to run your programs faster and to sleep, resume and reconnect to wireless networks quicker.

Explore Windows 7 features