LifeSize Endpoint Video Calling

LifeSize Endpoints have been purchased by the University of Wolverhampton to help promote the use of video conferencing. This will enable the university to save on travel costs and also help to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Video Conferencing Endpoints are situated around the university.

LifeSize Endpoint Locations


LocationQuick DialEndpoint Type
WA 030 (Walsall Boardroom) 2400 SMART 70" LCD 8070i
WH 022 (Walsall PH Seminar) 2402 SMART 70" LCD 8070i
WN 004 (Walsall Lecture Theatre) 2404 Lecture Theatre Projector
MX 119 2406 SMART 70" LCD 8070i
MX 113 2408 52" Philips

EndPoints (PDF 383K, Downloads file)

How do I use this system?

Use the following materials on this webpage to assist in using the Video Calling facility:

Basic step by step instructions.

Video demonstrations

 Basics for placing a video call iPad version


FAQs / Troubleshooting

  • How do I use the TV as a normal presentation screen?
    The SMART TVs are configured so that the VGA port on the wall takes priority over the side HDMI port. The side HDMI port also takes priority over the HDMI port used for the Lifesize system.


  • There is no sound coming from the Video Call?
    If you are using a SMART TV you will need to change the Audio Input using the remote to HDMI.

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