Office 365

Microsoft launched Office 365 Advantage to provide a free subscription to Office 365 ProPlus.

The service will entitle staff and students to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices for free

Office Pro Plus provides 5 copies of Office Pro Plus 2013 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote and Infopath) for PC and Macs as well as 5 copies of Office for Mobile (including iPad).

What is included with Office 365 ProPlus subscription license?

  • Office 365 ProPlus for PC (Office 2013 ProPlus base applications)
  • Office 365 ProPlus for Mac (Office 2011 for Mac base applications)
  • Office Mobile for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Office Mobile for Android
  • Office Apps for iPad

How to get your free copy of Microsoft Office‌

Select the relevant platform for your device and follow the simple step my step instructions to install Microsoft Office 365.

Windows icon Mac icon (not button) iPad icon (not button) android icon (not button)
Windows Mac iOS Android



 last updated 04.07.18



How to get your free copy of Microsoft Office for home use.

Follow these simple steps to access the Office 365 staff portal.

  1. Visit the following webpage:
  2. Enter your University Email Address and then press TAB,
  3. Wait to be re-directed to the University Sign-In webpage,
  4. Enter your University IT Account password and click Sign-In. 

If you have any issues logging in to the Office 365 staff portal, please log a call with our IT Service Desk on extension 2000, or email


Please note: Office 365 is for home use or Personal devices only. You cannot install on a University managed Desktop or Laptop.

How many machines/devices can I run this subscription on?

Each subscription license allows you to run Office on up to five machines being Mac or PC.

You can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices.

Is this a full version Office?

Yes, this is full Office on the PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, and Android platform and all are available for offline use.

Will this work on my iPad?

Yes, download the Word, Excel and PowerPoint Apps from the App Store and log in with your University student email address and password. (Tip. Once you have entered your email address, select Organizational Account).

How long will the free subscription of Office 365 ProPlus last for?

Students will be licensed for the duration of your course(s).

Staff will be licensed for the duration of the agreement.