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Frequently Asked Questions

All students and staff using Windows software on University managed Windows computers which are located on a University campus.

Some applications are also available for use by staff working off-campus using University managed windows computers.

Much of the software you need is now available through the Apps Anywhere hub. To access the hub either click here or double click the Apps Anywhere icon on your computer desktop.

Please see the Applications Available page for details of what software is where and who can access it.

The latest version of the Apps Anywhere hub offers a number of enhancements:

  • performance is improved which means that your applications will be visible and ready for you to use more quickly
  • there are different ways to view and launch your applications:

             -    standard view, this is the default, which shows the applications as tiles displaying the name and logo

             -    large view, shows the applications as large tiles that display the name, logo and a description of what the software does

             -    list view, shows the logo, name, description and launch and more info buttons

  • create favorites for applications that you use a lot and then use the Favorites filter to display only these
  • use Search Apps to search for specific applications but if you can’t remember the name you can also search for descriptions, eg statistical, graphics, audio etc.

Some very large or complex applications, can take some time (perhaps several minutes) before they are ready to use. This is because the application has to pull down lots of information to the computer you are working on.

The launch time will be much better the second and subsequent times you launch the software on the same computer but each new computer you use will be treated as a first launch and take longer.

The experience will be better on the newer or more powerful computers, the newest ones can be found in the Learning Centres at Burton, Telford and Walsall and also the 3rd Floor of Harrison Learning Centre on City campus.

If you have any problems accessing your software or need more information you can contact the IT Service Desk from any internal phone on ext 2000, email or pop into the Learning Centre Helpdesks.

If you ar an Academic and believe that software should be available to you please contact the IT Service Desk on ext 2000 or email

For students Applications Anywhere is currently only available if you are using a University computer on campus. This means that you cannot use Apps Anywhere at home.

Some applications are now available for use by staff working off-campus using University managed windows devices.

Many of the applications which are available on campus are available for anyone to download, the links are in the diagrams on the Applications Available page.

There are also a number of applications which the University purchases with Home Use Rights, which means that staff and students can install these on personally owned devices and these are available through the DAS (IT Services) Download Facility.

Apps Anywhere is not currently available for use on Apple computers. A different solution is being developed for Apple devices.