Applications On Demand

IT Services have invested in a product called Privilege Guard from Avecto for use on the Windows staff estate. In essence this now allows IT Services to enable on-demand installation of specific programs or components by automatically granting full administrative access during the process.

What this means for you

This will enable you to install the following list of software or applications on your Windows staff machine, without the need to log a service desk call or wait for someone from IT Services to visit you.

The list of currently available on-demand applications is as follows:

iTunes iTunes is a free app from Apple that lets you organize and play digital content on your Apple devices.
Adobe Digital Editions Used to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications.
Skype Skype is a software application that allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet to other Skype users.
Cisco WebEx Used for on-demand collaboration, online meetings and video conferencing.
Citrix GoToMeeting This is used for remote meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing.
Google Earth Take a virtual journey to any location in the world. Explore 3D buildings, imagery and terrain. Find cities, places and local businesses.

FileOpen systems provides a set of free plug-ins and viewers that can be used to access documents encrypted with the FileOpen software.

Please note - Install: FileOpen Exe Installer (recommended)

Once installed, you need to register FileOpen with BL by downloading the test page

If you have any issues during installation, please contact the IT Service Desk on (01902) 322000 or extension 2000.