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In-Class AV Technology

New AV desks featuring "full digital" Audio Video (AV) technology

As part of the classroom refresh programme, there are a number of new features and capabilities available.

For urgent class-in-progress assistance:

Using the AV phone: press the Arrow 'Up' button to access the speed dial to make a fast response ITS support call.

If this feature is not listed, please phone x2000 on an internal telephone to report any technical issues with the in-class technology/AV.

For further information please follow this link: ITS Service Desk

Teaching rooms yet to be upgraded:

If you are using a teaching room yet to be upgraded, please see the instructions on using standard AV equipment.

Staff Development Unit (SDU) sessions are available throughout the year covering specific topics as:

  • ‘Document Cameras/Visualisers: Enhancing in-class approaches to Learning & Teaching’
  • ‘Learning and Teaching Test Environment (LaTTE) staff development sessions (Interactive Projectors)'.

To find out more and book on these sessions please follow this link:

Training and Development / Learning and Teaching

Outside of these SDU dates please contact your Advisor from the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning (CTEL) who will be happy to provide support and training on how best to utilise in-class technology to enhance your approaches to Learning and Teaching.

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