Orders for Desktop PCs, Laptops, Software (including licensing) and Telephones (Mobile and IP) must be raised by IT Services.

Purchasing notice:

Please note, a tender exercise is currently being carried out to identify an appropriate supplier for desktops and laptops. Information regarding models and prices will be available in February 2018. 


last updated: 22/01/2018


If you know what you require, please complete the email template by clicking on this link: itsupport@wlv.ac.uk. This will automatically log a Service Desk call with your Department/Faculty and Contact Details. You will be provided with an email receipt and call reference.

The following information must be provided in the email:

 Description of Goods/Service:  List of the goods or services to be procured.
 Delivery Location:  Specify location – if blank will default to MX.
 Work Order:  From the requesting department’s range of work orders or the relevant project budget.
 Estimated Cost:  Of all items inc. VAT

You may be contacted by IT Services staff to clarify your requirements. Once these are clear, the required orders will be raised directly on your Faculty/Department Work Order for approval by the relevant budget holder.  The Cherwell call reference will also be included in the message box on the Agresso system, forming part of the workflow and providing a cross-reference between systems and departments.

Small IT Consumables, such as USB memory sticks, can be purchased online using a known supplier such as AmazonEbuyer and Play.

For advice on buying any IT equipment for University use, please raise a Service Desk call by ringing ext. 2000.