Wireless Certificate update

To All Staff & Students

As part of our commitment to improving services, IT Services are carrying out essential maintenance to the University Wireless network, this necessary security update will replace the current wireless certificates which expire 4th April 2015 with new ones.

This change-over will take place on Monday 30th March 2015.

Which wireless networks are affected?

  • Both the wlvstaff and eduroam wireless networks will be affected.
  • Personally owned or non-university managed devices such as any tablet or smartphones using these wireless networks will be affected.

What is not affected?

  • The wolfradiolan wireless network is not affected by this update.
  • University staff managed laptops are not affected however, if you use your device primarily off-campus then please bring in your laptop after the above date to get it updated with the latest certificates.

What do I need to do?

  • IT Services recommend that you connect your devices such as iPads, iPhones and any non-managed Windows laptop to the eduroam wireless network.
  • There is a configuration package that can be downloaded to give you a seamless experience whilst connecting to eduroam at any campus and other eduroam site, as this will install a profile of the valid certificates used.
  • More information on Connecting to eduroam

What if I don't install the eduroam profile or continue to use wlvstaff?

  • Each time you connect a device to either eduroam or wlvstaff you will be prompted to Accept a certificate with words along the lines as "This certificate is signed with an untrusted root certificate. Do you want to trust it?"  or "Not Verified".

More information on the Wireless Network Certificates.

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