Phishing Emails 18th Dec 2014

To ALL Staff 

We are continuing to experience a number of virus infections resulting from Phishing emails. The viruses are carried in macros or VBA scripts hidden in the attachments such as Word or Excel files.

As one of a number of measures to prevent further infections we have temporarily disabled any macros from running across all Office applications. If you open a document that contains macros you may see an error dialogue box 

You may also see a warning banner informing you that macros are disabled and asking if you wish to continue – you should click the No button. Your document will still open but macro-enabled content will not be available.

In order to pick up this change as soon as possible it would be helpful if you can log off and log back in. 

This block on macros will remain in place for the remainder of today and be reviewed first thing tomorrow when a further update will be sent.

We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we work to resolve this.

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If you believe you may have opened a suspicious email or attachment or are experiencing any issues with your computer please contact the IT Service Desk on (01902) 322000, internally on extension 2000 or by email to


Directorate of Academic Support (IT Services).

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