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Free Adobe CC software for students to use at home, has now ended.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available for students to use across campus on University PCs, via AppsAnywhere and students who need Adobe Creative Cloud to undertake your course will be assigned a home use licence, when you start you course in September. Please talk to your course tutor about this.

Please note that any content yo have created using the temporary license, since March is stored locally or in your Spark for Education subscription, so you will not lose any assets.

Other Adobe products you can access for free are listed below, you can click on each to learn more and download. 

Publish and share your work

Adobe Portfolio 

Create photos, videos, and prototypes

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe XD

Scan and easily interact with PDFs

Adobe Reader

Adobe Scan

Please take a look at the University's software catalogue for other options.